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As for codec support, most XviD videos played (though a few didn't) and there was only one DivX video that would play fine but it was a 720p video. Some bug caused it to stop playing and Puma Shoes On Feet we had to restart the phone to fix it.

Puma Shoes On Feet

The Motorola MILESTONE 2 has great connectivity features quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE fast dual band 3G with 7.2Mbps downlink speeds and 2Mbps HSPA.

You can connect the MILESTONE 2 to a computer in several modes USB Mass storage, None (useful, the Mass storage mode locks up the card, so you can't use many apps), Windows media sync and "Portal and tools".

The Phone portal apps turns your browser into a PC Suite (seen here running on Chrome 7)

Puma Shoes On Feet

The interface of the camcorder is similar to the still camera's. You have access to the same effects but only two scenes auto and night.

Custom tags are a handy feature to keep photos organized you can add a tag, say "holiday 2010" and it will remain active between sessions until you delete it (at the end of the holiday). Adding and removing tags is fast and easy. There's an automatic location tag too.

Videos are recorded in .3GP format, which generally means poor quality, but the amount of captured detail is good. If the lighting of the scene is not constant, the MILESTONE 2 will try to adjust, which often results in annoying pulsation of lighter and darker exposure.

The idea is great you don't always need the full functionality of a PC Suite (the Phone portal can do quite a bit) and you can't always have the PC Suite installed on the computer you're using.

Puma Shoes On Feet

Puma Shoes On Feet

There's face detection which can improve portrait shots and also a panorama mode.

The Motorola MILESTONE 2 can record 720p at 30 frames per second. It doesn't quite reach 30fps (videos usually hover around 28fps) but more importantly they look very smooth.

Browsing for videos Watching a video

Puma Shoes On Feet

Anyways, when it comes to the Puma Mcqueen Shoes

You can even password protect the connection. From then on, you can browse photos and files (the file browser works only with Internet Explorer though), adjust settings and also manage contacts including composing and sending messages.

Puma Shoes On Feet

Puma Shoes On Feet

Only the microSD card shows up in Mass storage mode, the internal memory is not accessible. As it turned out, that 8GB slab of an internal memory is only available as a system reserved storage ofr installing third party apps. Not that we mind the extra leg room, but generally anything more than 1GB can probably be considered as an overkill. And imagine having the rest 7GB of wasted internal storage, reserved for a use, you'd never need.

The camera UI custom tags and settings

There's also a simple video editor you can add a title in the beginning and trim the video. You can also resize the video and remove the audio, but there's no option to Puma Ducati Red

At the same time though, there's some aggressive noise reduction, often smearing fine detail away there and it even doesn't eliminate all of the chromatic noise.

The focus point is initially on the center of the screen but you can drag it around to change the focus. It works similarly to touch focus but you have to drag the point, you can't just tap to move it to a new location.

actual product of the Motorola MILESTONE 2 camera the photos we're quite pleased with the image quality. There's plenty of resolved detail, the colors Puma Trainers Womens Black

Motorola MILESTONE 2 review

are also nicely saturated and the images are quite punchy.

Puma Shoes On Feet

The local connectivity features include Wi Fi b/g/n (with DLNA support), Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP and a microUSB port.

And here go the samples for you to check out.

Puma Shoes On Feet

Scenes and effects are selected from a cool menu the name of the scene (or effect) along with its icon are displayed and you can change them by swiping left or right. As you do that, the viewfinder displays a live preview of the scene/effect results.

Another issue is that the focus is fixed there's no autofocus before or during shooting so shooting closer objects will be impossible. Overall, it's not perfect but the MILESTONE 2 video camera still produces very decent results.

string together several videos.

Puma Shoes On Feet

The Motorola MILESTONE 2 connectivity is bolstered by DLNA functionality, which lets you share media from the phone and play media from remote devices too. Also of importance (and standard for Android 2.2) is the Wi Fi hotspot, which shares the phones 3G connection with Wi Fi connected devices.

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