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Much Puma Shoes Black Gold to the joy of their fans (I've never seen so many Motorhead T shirts in one place) they climaxed with the massive hit single Ace of Spades, with everyone jumping around.

Lemmy sang with his traditional growling hoarseness and, to be honest, the band wasn't overbearingly loud. Loud enough certainly but their hard work shows in the music from a band who have never compromised and changed their style in 35 years.

sheer power of the second encore Overkill was fast and frenetic and had the crowd chanting the bands name over and over until there was nothing left to do but face the cold wintry weather outside. They came, they rocked and Wolverhampton moved.

Blistering guitar solos from Phil Campbell and a medium sized but funky drum solo from Mikkey Dee held the full house spellbound. Songs like Metropolis and Killed by Death showed what this powerhouse of a band were capable of and, just remember, there's only three of them.

Puma Shoes Black Gold

Puma Shoes Black Gold

Motorhead hold all the aces as they rock Wolverhampton's Civic hall Express Star

as soon as Lemmy Kilminster on bass, Phil Campbell on guitar and Mikkey Dee on percussion rolled on Puma Xo Sneakers

The encore was the long and sinister Orgasmatron with Lemmy bathed in a green lightThe Puma Shoes For Men On Sale

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