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The trampoline was a family present to be used by her two year old daughter Morgan Lee but other children in the block are welcome to use it.

"But he said it was an insurance risk and he said if someone falls off and hurts themselves they could be claiming from us [First Wessex], that they could claim up to 3m.

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Carol Williams, operations director at First Wessex, said: "It is important for residents to have a pleasant and enjoyable living environment and we recognise there will be situations where individuals may wish to put children's play equipment in their communal gardens.

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Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

that would pay out millions of pounds.

Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

Mum told to insure trampoline

However First Wessex denied its health and safety rules are overzealous.

Stephanie, 20, said she was told she could keep the trampoline if she insured it, but she said could never afford the premiums on a policy Puma Shoes Peach

Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

"It has a net and it is impossible to fall off. If trampolines were not safe why are they being sold?

"Where such items can be used and then put away at Puma Brown Sneakers

Yet this is not the first time the housing officer has whipped out his sticker book. Residents have been banned from Puma Bmw Shoes For Men having doormats because people could trip on them.

and is liable should an accident or injury occur.

"Where items are left out overnight and/or for a prolonged period of time, such as a trampoline, First Wessex has a duty of care Puma Shoes Low Cut

Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

the end of each day, there is no problem.

Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

Puma Bmw Shoes For Men

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