Singer, the company which made itself a household name by creating durable and very efficient sewing machines created the Singer Futura CE-100. As the name suggests, the Singer Futura CE-100 sewing machine is the machine of the future. It is both a sewing machine and embroidery machine at the same time. It is combined with sewing and embroidery functions along with a state-of-the-art technology. The Singer Futura comes with one-step button holes in two styles; one is a drop-in bobbin with transparent slide plate while the other is a one-stitch selection. The drop feed may also be modified depending on the sewing or embroidery project you are working on.

The machine has more than 50 stitching functions and 22 built-in stitches with heirloom, decorative and utility included. It is also equipped with a one-step needle threading mechanism and a programmable needle positioning. The machine allows you to pivot easily on corners during creative curved patterns. It is also easy to control stitching when working with thick fabrics such as denims and leather. The wide variety of sewing and embroidery designs allows the user to expand their creativity and combine the different designs to create a new one. This way, you will not get bored using the same designs over and over again.

The Singer Futura helps you increase your creative side to produce unique and impressive designs. The machine is made compatible with your PC which allows you to download new patterns from the internet and apply these to your projects. This way, the user is not limited to just the design provided in the machine but can use and incorporate new and better designs to their work You may want to ask for help from someone knowledgeable about PCs before installing any software applications to avoid any problems.

It may be a bit difficult for a beginner to use the Singer Futura CE-100 especially if you are not comfortable in dealing with a lot of different controls but what is great about this beginner sewing machine is that you can get help easily by going online on the Internet anytime. This is one of the great technical supports Singer offered to its avid sewing machine users. The Singer Futura may seem to be an expensive machine, with Amazon selling it at $499.99 a piece but considering its functionality as a sewing machine and an embroidery machine as well, it is like getting two machines for the price of one.

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