No one absolutely has to have a headboard. Unless it’s a bookcase headboard it doesn’t really serve any purpose except to look nice. A bed without a headboard is functional but not too impressive. There’s something about a bed without a headboard that just looks pitiful. No matter the quality of the mattress and box springs, or how nice the sheets and cover, the whole bed looks incomplete without the decorative headboard.

Try to go buy just a headboard and you’ll run into all sorts of issues. For one, a headboard can be quite expensive. Secondly, you rarely see a headboard for sale without the frame, and if you already have a frame, you’ll then be stuck with another one. Good luck getting rid of that! If you don’t have a headboard, but you’d love to have one, use your quilt!

Many people purchase country-style quilts because they’re simply stunning. Women – and some men – spend hours measuring, cutting and sewing the homemade quilts to make each one unique in its own way. Some people hang a quilt such as that on a display rack, and set it out for all to see, but you can do something a little different. Use that beautiful quilt as your new headboard; it’s unusual but perfectly divine!

It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to make a quilt into a headboard. All you really have to do is hang it. As soon as the quilt is in place your ordinary, headboard-less bed will take on a whole new look. Purchase the hardware necessary to hang a curtain rod and you’ll be nearly done!

Make sure you buy a curtain rod that can stretch to at least the width of your bed. The perfect rod is a round, decorative one. A white, metal curtain rod, the type with the ends bent, is not appropriate for hanging the heavy quilt.

After the hardware and the rod are in place simply hang the quilt on the rod. Make sure the front of the quilt hangs lower than the top of the mattress. Also, if the quilt is too wide for the rod, fold both sides under a bit, and that will help you fit it perfectly to the rod.

There are other things you can hang on a rod to make a headboard besides a quilt. A piece of canvas, a lace tablecloth, a striped sheet, patterned fabric – even colored vinyl makes for a nice headboard that gives your bed that finishing touch it was needing.

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