For those of you who enjoy appliqué work for small children and are creative in this area, you will get a great kick out of making quilts for them.

You can let your imagination run wild in this field. Pick any theme and you will be able to make a beautiful creative quilt. It is so easy to make a quilt that will suit the décor of the child’s bedroom.

Once you have tried making a kiddie’s quilt you will be “hooked” on the craft and you will want to try out more designs and techniques.

If you are not particularly good at drawing the pictures yourself you can always make a visit to your local library and get ideas from posters and books.

It is a good idea to collect any pictures you might find in magazines or brochures that you think would lend themselves to appliqué work. Get yourself a file to keep your pictures flat and you will be amazed how often you will find just the right picture in your file that you can copy and adjust to suit your requirements.

Always first decide on the theme of the quilt and then on the colours you will be using. Remember that the colours of the appliquéd pictures should match the background colour of the quilt.

If you are a crafter who collects off cuts of fabric, and has a “rag bag” you will probably be able to find most of the colours you require for your pictures amongst your collection. It does not matter how small the remnant is that you collect you will find a use for it! You might just need a small piece of fabric to make a flower or leaf and you will probably have it in your “rag bag”.

Once this craft has become a passion of yours, you will find yourself looking at fabrics in the stores with new eyes. You will see designs on fabrics that will lend themselves perfectly to the design you have in mind. For example you might see a fabric with a print that would be perfect for a teddy bear or for trees or whatever you need to complete your “picture”. It is a good idea to buy small quantities of these prints and put them away for when you will require them.

It is amazing how many off cuts of fabric your friends will be giving you once they know that you are becoming an avid quilt maker!

You could either cut the front of the quilt the size of the bed or cot or you could divide your quilt into blocks. The motives can be arranged on each block to form the “picture” or if you are depicting different characters, place one on each square. Later on the blocks can be joined together.

Always make sure that you cut your blocks very straight. It is difficult to join them in a straight line if they have not been cut correctly. Also remember to add a seam allowance otherwise your finished quilt will be smaller than you anticipated.

If you do not wish to work with squares then you can arrange your motives on the front of the quilt which has been the cut the size of the bed or cot. It is just a matter of personal choice. Personally I prefer to work with blocks as it is easier to handle one at a time.

This is an example of how you can arrange your blocks. Remember you are creating a unique quilt so let your imagination guide you.

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