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The Tigers' improvement on offense, Bowen mentioned, has been obvious during the season.

Mount Pleasant has gone through a baptism by fire this season, and Bowen hopes his boys will stick it out beyond this season.

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"That is yet to be determined," Bowen said. players who will move up to varsity next year. who in the past would have already played with the varsity. But there may not be a lot of room now with as much youth currently on the varsity team."

around here and at any level," Head Coach Van Puma Red And Blue

MP JV Tigers host Texas High tonight

Nailing down the basics of the game is one key to progression, Bowen mentioned.

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"Offensively as a whole we are playing better," Bowen said. "We have become comfortable running a lot of plays. We feel that if we can throw and catch, then we can be competitive. On defense we struggle to remain consistent, and sometimes with hitting and tackling."

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Bowen said. "They are a very athletic team that has beaten several people this season, so this game could be a challenge for us to step up and play better as a team. Tigers have spent plenty of time this season both fine tuning own offensive schemes and running simulations for their Puma Diamond

head Coach Van Bowne anticipates the visiting Tigers to come into town ready to play.

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Puma Racer Shoes

"They are going to have to work to progress during the summer," Puma Racer Shoes Bowen said. "That means hitting the weight room, come to summer workouts to become faster and stronger so that they can be competitive in the fall."

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varsity teammates. squad a lot to in running our opponents' schemes while going up against our varsity," Bowen said. "So they have to split their time between that and learning our own offense. squad is also running a lot of scout team plays to help the varsity prepare for Friday."

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Once this season ceases, Bowen wants his players to continue working.

"Texas High is as competitive a team as you will find Puma Runners Ireland

"As a whole, it has been great," Bowen said. "We have had some issues with things like grades, eligibility and other things that have caused some problems. But that happens every year and on any team. It is a normal occurrence every year that you lose some players because of eligibility. squad. I hope that all of these boys will play again next year."

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Puma Racer Shoes

"The main thing is to keep these boys interested and excited about the game of football," Bowen said. "We have not been as successful this season as far as wins and losses. But we have been successful as far as keeping them enthusiastic about the game while getting better. Tigers have definitely matured this season, while going through some of the usual bumps.

"The biggest things we are focusing on are also the simplest," Bowen said. players will move up to the varsity next year, but a big part of that has been a result of the varsity team's steady roster.

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