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Puma R698 Red

Puma R698 Red

Motorola Flipout 360 degree spin

The screen however is the one major disappointment with the Flipout it's a 2.8" TFT unit capable of displaying up to 256K colors. The low resolution aside, the screen is quite bright but the image quality is poor.

open accidentally. Three small nubs at the bottom left corner provide extra grip to make opening even easier but you'll still have to spend some time getting used to opening the Flipout without it feeling awkward or risking it slipping off your grip.

Motorola Flipout review

The main problem is that it is too wide 67mm is wider than most phones. Still, when you close it, the Flipout becomes very pocketable and the keyboard is comfortable to use the Motorola Flipout is one of the best compact communicators out there.

A sliding mechanism would have probably taken up too much space the pivot joint takes only the bottom right corner of the Flipout. Despite being the only joint between the two halves, it feels sturdy and you can use the phone without fearing you'll snap it in two.

The keys are big enough with a solid click. There isn't any space between the keys, but a raised border in the middle and small nubs on the F and J keys will help touch typing. Even the top row has enough room to be comfortably used and the backlight is strong enough and even.

Puma R698 Red

Puma R698 Red

can accommodate a big screen and a roomy keyboard. And we're talking a Puma R698 Red 2.8" screen and a nice keyboard in a square just 67mm on a side.

The build quality of the Motorola Flipout is great all the plastic is nice to the touch, there's nothing creaking or wobbling (even the swivel). However, talking is a bit of a problem to talk you'll need to open the phone (as the mic pinhole is in the lower half) and the Flipout is not very comfortable to hold that way.

Puma R698 Red

Opening the phone is spring assisted, so it requires only a light push, but it's balanced so it doesn't Puma Shoes 2017 For Women

Puma R698 Red

Puma R698 Red

On a positive note, the capacitive touchscreen is very Puma Clyde Leather

When you open it up, a five row QWERTY keyboard is revealed more than any slider of this size could've fit. The hinge is solid, allowing still a smooth and effortless folding motion.

The battery has a respectable capacity of 1170mAh with quoted standby of 365 hours and 6 hours of talk time.

Nothing on the left the microUSB port on the bottom

Puma R698 Red

For one, the contrast is overdone, which makes color gradients look bad and the overall color rendering is poor. The sunlight legibility is awful as are the viewing angles.

The thing about sliders, or in this case "flipouts", is that they Puma Fierce Mens

The form factor of the Motorola Flipout is not nearly as unusual as the Backflip, but it's still a very clever design. The phone is tiny, yet it has room for a 5 row QWERTY keyboard with decently sized buttons too.

The Motorola Flipout is tinier than it appears in photos. It's a small square measuring just 67x67 mm. The 17mm of thickness though have a negative impact on portability. There's a pivoting point in the lower right corner, around which the screen and keyboard half rotate.

Puma R698 Red

There's a 2GB microSD card pre installed too and, of course, a couple of manuals. Our test unit came with some extra exchangeable covers but we fear they won't be part of the standard package.

The Flipout weighs a hefty 120 grams more than you would have guessed judging by its size. Still, the solid feel is not entirely unpleasant.

Of course, those directions change when you open the phone the volume rocker goes on the left, the Power/Lock key and the audio jack go on top and the microUSB port ends up on the right.


Puma R698 Red

Pivoting the phone open reveals the keyboard. It has five rows plus a D pad the D pad is in the lower left corner and not particularly comfortable to use, but the rest of the keyboard is great.

Puma R698 Red

Puma R698 Red

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