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Eric Ariaza, Jose Cruz, Shawn Isbell, Jshua Scoggin, Demond Craddock, Zachary White, T'Nheous Smith, Matthew Vaughn, Joel Bautista, Brantlee Alexander, Devon Hargrove, Thomas Brown, Benjamin Boyd, Ryan Spigener, Taurus Matthews, Mackenzie Rosborough, Tyzesjawon Walker, Justin Davis, Brandon Walker, Andrew Flanagan, and D'Andre Davis.

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School's end of the eyar athletic banquet and awards ceremony which was held at the civic center on Monday night.

A large contingent of Tigers fans and family members gathered for Mount Pleasant High Puma Drift Cat 4 Ferrari

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Booster president Darrell Puma Gold Toe Sneakers

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Puma Ducati Shoes White

Puma Ducati Shoes White

Dinner was provided and then the awards segments of the event began.

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MP Tigers celebrate year in sports

Playing for the Tigers during the 2012 season were Montravious James, Ja'Marlon Brown, Tyterrious Wilkerson, Tarrance Taylor, Daniel Craddock, Kadarius Cannon, Sigifredo Gonzalez, Juan Buitron, Jamald McGill Spencer, Cullen Grubbs, Ladarius Craddock, Lucas Hill, Ishmaiah McGill, Beni Sanchez, Jacquille Rogers, Andres Sanchez, Cody Brantley, Tremarcus Koontz, Jordan Raney, Puma Shoes All Black

Commending all Puma Ducati Shoes White of MPHS's football players were head coach Mart Graham, Bathan Rider, Eddie Milner, Van Bowen, Karl Whitehurst, Aaron Pearson, Kary Sears, Derek Barnhart, Mart Graham Jr., Chance Blackburn, Devin Jones, Jarred Hawkins, and Brad Bolin.

Grubbs welcomed the large gathering and then Athletic Director Mart Graham thanked everyone in attendance for their support this school year.

"It has been a great year for Mount Pleasant sports in general," Graham said. "We had 11 boys and girls athletic teams advance into the playoffs this past year. And I know that has never happened in the seven years that I have been here. Mount Pleasant has a lot to be proud of, we had a lot of teams make the playoffs, and we simply had a great year. As an athletic director, that just makes me feel proud."

Puma Ducati Shoes White

Puma Ducati Shoes White

Puma Ducati Shoes White

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