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Puma Low Top Sneakers

Puma Low Top Sneakers

The Renee Iverson Skin Therapy line has many professional only products including masks, AHA serums and high powered Retinol and Vitamin C serums that take your facial results to the next level.

Puma Low Top Sneakers

Circadia by Dr Peter PugleiseWe have two highly effective facials at Mountain Sun using protocols developed by Dr. Peter Pugleise's and his team at Circadia Skin Care. Occasionally Renee will recommend oxygen therapy for a variety of skin conditions including Puma High Tops Womens

Products Used During Facials All our facials at Mountain Sun are customized to each client's unique needs. Those needs can range from a desire to clear up chronic issues like acne and sun damage to a wish to deep cleanse, hydrate and renew the skin for better feel and function. Renee's knowledge of skin physiology and skin care ingredient chemistry are fundamental to her skin care approach. Whether using her own line, Renee Iverson Skin Therapy, the more technological lines of Bio Therapeutic and Circadia or all natural ingredients, your facial is geared towards satisfying your needs while calming and soothing the skin and providing a relaxing experience for the mind and body. All the product Renee uses with the exception of Circadia are paraben free.

Bio Therapeutic Equipment and BtCeuticalsBio Therapeutic, based in Seattle, is an Puma Low Top Sneakers international leader in both skin renewing aesthetic equipment and state of the art serums and masks to boost the results of every facial.

Puma Low Top Sneakers

Puma Low Top Sneakers

acne, stress acne, rosacea and general redness.

Puma Low Top Sneakers

ultrasonic exfoliation.

Because Renee knows this line so well, it's easy for her to be intuitive about which ingredients will be just right for you and your skin to consistently improve the look, feel and function with every facial.

professionals all over the world. The lab is headed by the lead instructor of cosmetic sciences at UCLA Extension. We share costs with the other professionals who buy from the lab in order to provide state of the art skin care that's as good or better than products they'll find in department stores, on TV or in other spas and doctors' offices like a "co op" concept where everyone shares and benefits equally. This is how we can afford to have such a result oriented, cutting edge skin care line with my name on the label.

Puma Low Top Sneakers

Combine these two fabulous machines with all natural ingredients like plant oils, herbal teas, botanical powders, glycerine, honey, and essential oils and voila! you have a very hydrating, nourishing protocol. Given enough time (at least a one hour facial depending on the client), Manual Lymphatic Drainage may be included in your facial for the ultimate in natural detoxification.

Puma Low Top Sneakers

Renee Iverson Skin TherapyRenee works with a lab that specializes in making high performance products for skin care Puma Mens Shoes No Laces

Puma Low Top Sneakers

Puma Low Top Sneakers

Renee has two great machines that do not depend on specific ingredients to experience the benefits: the LED machine for all natural light therapy (read more) and a Microcurrent machine (read more) that improves the function of every cell in the skin with very low level current that mimics the electrical currents already in the body.

Puma Low Top Sneakers

Circadia also developed one of our most popular anti aging protocol The Swich Facial. (read more) This is the facial Renee consistently uses on herself combined with Renee Iverson Skin Therapy's high powered Cell Youth Actif Serum nightly for maximum anti aging results and minimum damage to the epidermis.

Mountain Sun Massage Skin Care

Renee uses their LED light machine (read more), their Microcurrent (learn about microcurrent) machine and the small hand held Bt Micro for soothing and effective Puma Gold And Black

All Natural FacialsOccasionally, a client requests that their facial be as natural as possible. Sometimes, this means using Renee Iverson Skin Therapy products with their naturally derived ingredients that are purified in the lab for maximum skin penetration and results. But a few clients request that the ingredients used in their facial be as natural as possible from the ingredient plant source to the end use on the face.

Puma Low Top Sneakers

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