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case, investigators said on the FBI website.

"If Bishop is alive . we are hopeful someone will call with the tip we need to catch him," Tom Manger, chief fo the Montgomery County Police Department and member of the task force, said in a statement. "Wen you have a crime of this magnitude, no matter how long ago it occurred, the police department and the community never stop trying to bring the person responsible to justice."

Investigators said there is a strong possibility Bishop could have returned to familiar places near Southern California or the Sierra Nevada.

Officials had formed a task force last year to further investigate the case and to engage the public in locating him. The goal was bring international attention to the Puma High Tops Black

A Pasadena man recently listed as one of the FBI's 10 most wanted fugitives could be hiding near California or the Sierra Nevada, FBI officials in Las Vegas said Thursday.

Puma Red Bull Shoes

Puma Red Bull Shoes

"Nothing has changed since March 2, 1976 when Bishop was last seen except the passage of time," Steve Vogt, an special agent with the Baltimore Division, said on the FBI website.

Investigators said they believe Bishop drove to North Carolina with the bodies in a station wagon, buried them in a shallow grave and lit them on fire.

Vogt had teamed up with Maryland law enforcement to find Bishop.

An FBI photo showing William Bradford Bishop Jr., from 1970 to 1975, on right, and sculptures of what Puma Bmw Shoes Flipkart

In March 1976, Bishop's family was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in Maryland. That included his three sons, ages 5, 10 and 14, officials said on the FBI website.

he would look like now at 77 years old.(Photo: FBI)

Puma Red Bull Shoes

Bishop was also described as intense, self Puma Shoes 2017

William Bradford Bishop, Jr., now 77, and once described by investigators as the "family annihilator," is wanted in connection to a 1976 cold case homicide involving five of his family members.

Murder suspect could be in Sierra Nevada

Puma Red Bull Shoes

He's known to be outdoorsy and also enjoys riding motorcycles. He was also a licensed amateur pilot who learned to fly in Botswana, investigators said.

Puma Red Bull Shoes

Puma Red Bull Shoes

Puma Red Bull Shoes

absorbed, prone to violent outbursts and neat.

Bishop was described in 1976 as 6 feet tall and 180 pounds with Puma Red Bull Shoes brown hair and eyes. He has a vertical 6 inch surgical scar on his lower back.

Puma Red Bull Shoes

Puma Red Bull Shoes

Puma Red Bull Shoes

Since the publicity campaign began earlier this month, the FBI Baltimore Division has received a large number of tips in the areas where Bishop lived and worked.

Puma Red Bull Shoes

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