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Brian has pledged to continue to push the Government for a review of the smoking ban claiming that:

Note: we have just uploaded a short interview that we conducted with Brian at the Great British Pub Awards last month.

Brian said: "The Bill stood little chance of being approved by the House but a Ten Minute Rule Motion gives the tabling Members an opportunity to gauge what support there is for the issue within the House."

"It is clear that there is a sizeable amount of support in the House for a review of the smoking ban in pubs and clubs. 86 Members voted in favour of a review and my EDM also has a large number of supporters."

"Seven pubs Puma Disc Blaze

"I also believe strongly that landlords should have the freedom to choose whether or not they want to accommodate smokers within their pubs and as a result this could really help the trade."

Disappointing though to see Andrew Rosindell among the Noes after he accepted an invitation to our Save The Great British Pub party in Birmingham. Was it something we said?!!

This result was inevitable the vast majority of groups consulting and lobbying parliament are funded by taxpayer sponsored TC and/or pharmaceutical companies. These people are paid to demonise tobacco, so it hardly surprising that they are biased. Statements by MPs who oppose any amendment are read from scripts provided by the likes of ASH, backed up by an unhealthy dose of personal prejudice. How can this ring fence be breached without the public being made aware of the full facts? Defeats like this will give TC fresh impetus to push harder for a ban in cars and private houses.

for David Nuttall's motion (77 out of the 86 MPs who voted in favour) and those who voted against (38).

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If you are writing to your MP thanking or criticising them you may want to include this:

Brian Binley MP has vowed to continue his campaign for a review of the smoking ban following yesterday's 10 Minute Rule Motion in the House of Commons. Brian's office has just issued the following press release. It reads:

Thanks to Peter Thurgood for alerting me to a new article posted today by Jonathan Isaby on ConservativeHome. Jonathan has highlighted those Conservative MPs who voted Puma Shoes For Women Running

Lets get real and smell the coffee, this ban cannot be afforded in the current economic climate, lets get back to the situation where people make choices for themselves on things that directly affect them. Not Mr Nanny State, the state causes enough problems without the bankers as well.

I have said before the anti smoking campaigners do not seem to realise that smoking does not cause all cancers. I have terminal cancer and the consultant confirmed that it is nothing to do with smoking for the last 35/40 years, but unfortunatley this is never mentioned. Also what the basic rate of income tax or other taxes would increase if everyone stopped smoking, the revenue loss would be higher than the current deficit. More tax hikes then. It is also never said how much smokers contribute through taxes for any smoking related illness, but the amount smokers pay is about ten times the extra cost to the NHS. The NSH cost, is completed with the budget, not taxes directly from smokers. If the amount we pay in taxes should only cover what we cost the NHS can we have a refund for the billions we have over paid?

What has been the cost to the economy of the ban, all those who now do not have jobs as a direct result of the smoking ban? what is that costing the DWP, do the government take us all as fools??? no doubt there is a smoking room in the palace of westminster!

I am delighted to see several of the new intake on the list of Ayes one or two of whom are destined for great things.

MP's campaign for review of the smoking ban to continue

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I saw on BBC Parliament Keith Barron speech Puma Shoes Purple opposing David Nuttall 10 Minute Rule Bill and quite frankly it was plainly obvious that you have been briefed by the Department of Health and/or ASH and may I say quite erroneously too. I

Brian Binley MP for Northampton South has once again called on the Government to review the smoking ban in pubs and working men's clubs.

Must agree with Eddie Douthwaite on this, it will be the sience that can win us this argument, if we can get enough people to realise what a sham the antis stats and statictics are the whole of their argument just falls apart, we must keep trying to get the message across to the general public at large that ASH Puma Maroon Trainers

are just a vested interest group not interested in public health but only in what they can troff, we are in danger of losing many more pubs and clubs, a major part of our heritage because of these neo prohibitionists it is such a needless shame.

a day are going out of business and 2000 clubs have gone to the wall and there is a drastic need of help. Smokers can be fully accommodated in pubs and clubs in segregated smoking areas or rooms if suitable, effective extraction systems are installed. In other words we can achieve the same result with a less draconian approach whilst not turning all smokers into second class citizens."

Brian was a sponsor of a Bill in the House of Commons yesterday which called for a review and which was narrowly defeated by 141 votes to 86, a margin of only 55 votes.

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"The former Health Minister, John Reid MP, promised that a review would be held three years after the implementation of the ban but the Government is now saying that it has no plans to do so. That denial is simply unacceptable."

Dr. Gilmore heart attack paper frankly is frankly publication bias. As you can see from the figures there is no statistically significant reduction in England on heart attacks. In fact the biggest reduction was 2005/6 when you could smoke in a pub. Michael Siegel who is an anti smoking Public Health professor, he commented and published this independent study in the USA. "This study examined a total of 217,023 heart attack deaths and 2.0 million heart attack admissions in 468 counties in all 50 states over an eight year period." Conclusions were: "1. "In contrast with smaller regional studies, we find that workplace bans are not associated with statistically significant short term declines in mortality or hospital admissions for myocardial infarction or other diseases."

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