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Puma Shoes Gold And Black

she prepares for the finals of the Arnold Amateurs Bikini Tall class in Columbus, Ohio.

"I was so excited after the game I tripped over the dog and hit the couch," Murphy said on Friday, as Puma Outlet Online

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

Aspiring pro 'bodybuilder' Tressia Murphy probably never thought mental toughness would come in so handy as she struts onto the judging stage Saturday morning.

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

In the offing is the pro card, but she has to Puma Shoes Gold And Black take first overall to earn it a self admitted "far reach" but making the finals is icing on the cake for Murphy, Puma Shoes For Men Grey

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

"Ran onto stage barefoot and tied up shoes as I was being called out," Murphy said via Facebook. "Smiled and pushed all the pain aside for the moment and it was worth every ouch!"

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

"The level of intensity, dedication and focus is far beyond Puma Shoes For Women New

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

"Anyone can have the desire to do great things, but you have to dig deep inside to find the passion and courage to make that happen.

She qualified Thursday by placing in the top 10.

Getting up, front and centre, is like brushing teeth for Murphy, whose main career since her teens has been as a fashion model.

"What I get long term out of my new lifestyle is far greater then what any plate of French fries could ever give." she said, citing meditation and visualization as key tools.

Entering Saturday's finals there is little Murphy can do to improve her look, but only to grind out the best possible stage performance.

Murphy digging deep to compete

Not a good thing, when presence is a big factor and high heels are a must.

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

one of the oldest competitors, who wants to "inspire other women that age is only a number."

Longer term goals, Murphy is eyeing a return to school for nursing. "I feel that my knowledge would be best served in the area of dietetics and nutrition. I would like to help people understand the importance of proper nutrition and healthy living."

Murphy, a city native, is soldiering through a very sore baby toe after breaking it only a week earlier. And all in the name of patriotism when watching one of the Team Canada Olympic hockey games.

anything I have ever known," she said, of the complete makeover, from the self described "debauchery" of a conventional model.

"You give up a lot in order to step on that stage, but it is so worth it. Believe me."I think the mental and spiritual side of it is what is most important!" she said, of her training since 2010.

"There are days when I want to throw in the towel, and sit on a patio with a cold beverage and a burger, but those are only momentary gratifications.

Familiarity with being a focus point for an audience is only a small part of moonlighting as a physique compeitor.

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

Puma Shoes Gold And Black

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