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Residential areas just outside the city's limits have not remained stagnant.

Although Cornwall's population has stagnated for decades, residential and commercial properties continue to increase.

There was a similar drive to streamline municipal expenses in the mid 1990s by the Mike Harris Progressive Conservative government. This led to the 1998 amalgamation that consolidated more than 20 S,D municipalities into six new townships.

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Cornwall Councillor Denis Carr agreed it "only makes sense" for the city to have more discussions with its municipal neighbours on items that would be mutually beneficial.

But without increasing the value of new homes, the city will struggle to lower its property tax rate, which is higher than many other Ontario communities.

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Further amalgamation must be justifiable, McLeod said, noting that "bigger is not better" if it does not result with more ways to save money.

from 11,941 in 2001, while South Glengarry grew by 180 to 12,880 during the same period.

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According to Census figures, the population in neighbouring South Stormont Township rose to 12,520 in 2006 Puma Shoes Gold And White

According to Statistics Canada, the Cornwall metropolitan area which consists of the city and some outlying areas in the above mentioned municipalities was home to 58,485 people in 2006, up 900 from 2001.

You don't need to read these figures, just drive out to Headline Road or County Road 2 and some of the attached roads and you will see hundreds Puma Diamond Clyde

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Another cost factor not facing municipalities in the 1990s was the much higher costs of electricity.

The question in the future is whether another round of amalgamation is even worthwhile if it doesn't include Cornwall.

The only time Cornwall's population exploded overnight was in 1957 when Cornwall gobbled a chunk of Stormont County through an annexation order. The population more than doubled to 39,764 from 17,160.

Municipalities face more sharing

trying to fund health care costs that are growing much faster than the normal rate of inflation, municipalities can expect to shoulder more of their own load.

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The City of Ottawa absorbed large rural areas of the former county of Carleton and there has been considerable grumbling from rural residents since.

"When you're dealing with the province, it's a lot easier (to get results) if you're a bigger entity," said Carr, pointing to the Eastern Ontario Wardens Caucus (which represents rural municipalities).

An aerial view of the residential areas west of Rae Road in South Glengarry and the Rosedale Terrace area in South Stormont reveals at Puma Shoes For Men Black least 1,100 homes, representing approximately $220 million in assessment.

Meanwhile, the City of Kingston expanded into Kingston and Pittsburgh townships, increasing the population by about 50,000.

Carr said a first positive step would be to cement a new agreement between the city and South Glengarry regarding the regional airport.

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The biggest gain from the S,D amalgamations was the reduction of council and some upper management expenses.

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With the province continually Puma Mercedes Shoes 2018

That, he said, raises the question of whether amalgamation or an increase of shared services might be in the cards.

One major difference between S,D and Cornwall is that property tax rates are noticeably less in S,D agreed that S,D residents would need assurances their taxes won't rise to compensate for city properties.

But the city hasn't benefitted as much from home building, as S,D has attracted a larger share of the more expensive homes.

of new, large homes.

He said an amalgamation with Cornwall would be an even more complicated affair.

South Glengarry, for example, had comprised of two rural townships and the village of Lancaster.

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The amount of open space has shrunk, necessitating a desire for more land to develop. Already, city planners are eyeing north of Hwy 401 as the current east end industrial park fills up.

While the small municipalities united, the City of Cornwall stood pat.

With mounting infrastructure costs and no promise of reversing provincial funding cuts, pressure will mount to consolidate municipal services in the city and S,D Glengarry Mayor Ian McLeod doesn't doubt that municipal politicians will have to find new ways to stretch precious property tax dollars.

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