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After so many years, Ingram said "she felt like family. It was a blessing to know her."

"I always enjoyed working with her," he said, adding she took a few minutes to visit with him last October at his office before he left for the Denison Puma Alexander Mcqueen Mens Shoes

"She had been working at a convenience store, and I asked her why she wanted to change jobs. She said a robber has stuck a gun in the face last week, and she thought it was time to make a change!"

Buechel was the only member of the Daily Tribune staff who had earned professional journalism awards for both photography and writing. In 2008 she received an Honorable Mention from the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors (TAPME) in Photography. She was honored with Third Place by the TAPME in 2011 for column writing.

Ingram praised Buechel's professionalism and discretion. "She was very considerate of our needs, she would never do anything to harm an investigation," said Ingram. "But if she didn't like something, she'd let you know. She was very dedicated to her job."

She was a member of the Southside Church of Christ. Bros. Leon Goff and Ronald Stringer officiated at her funeral Sunday afternoon at the Bates Cooper Sloan Funeral home.

Palmer said Monday "Casey Buechel combined hard work and dedication to make herself one of the top police beat reporters in Texas newspapers. She was willing to work the long hours chasing sirens in the night and staying on the scene until she could get the story for the next day's edition.

He added that her felt people sometimes did not realize her skill as a photographer. He recalled the time she responded to a homicide where the victim was still lying in the open while police were collecting evidence.

"I had a car pulled over, and this woman who I had never met before came up and said, "I want to take your picture and show everyone in the paper that you're doing your job.' The next Puma Latest Shoes For Men day my picture was on the front page of the paper."

Casey Buechel was born on September 20, 1947 in Fort Worth. She was preceded in death by her father, John Buechel, grandparents, Frank and Virgie Landrum, Easie and Albert Buechel, Sr.; aunt, Bobbye Williams; and uncle Milton Landrum.

She is survived by her mother, Bettye Mitchell of Mount Pleasant, aunts; Irma May, Virginia Moon and Peggy Bellamy, all of Mt. Pleasant; step brother and wife; Glen and Esther Fuller of Little Rock, Arkansas; stepsister and husband, Mary and Ron Burns of Mt. Pleasant, and numerous cousins and friends.

He said he looked up to see Casey was taking photos inside the police tape. "I told her she was not supposed to be inside here, and I told her I was going to take her camera away. And she said, 'no, you're not!' And I said, 'I will when I put you in jail!'"

to 2011, he was always impressed by her fairness and professionalism.

The result of the encounter was that Casey kept her camera and her freedom but was better about asking first to cross the police tape, and afterwards Vine said they became firm friends.

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Speaking at the funeral Sunday, Tribune Publisher Bob Palmer said Casey seemed to have found her calling at the newspaper, and he recalled interviewing her when she applied for a job.

Mount Pleasant says farewell to Casey Buechel

He first met Buechel in 2001, when she arrived to a vehicle search he was conducting while a patrol officer for the Mount Pleasant Police Department.

Burch said Buechel was "extremely brave" in pursuing the story, and one time she almost accidentally walked into a hostage situation until officers waved her away.

Capt. Vine recalled the first time he met Casey on the job, again in 2001, when he was working the crime scene at a murder in an apartment and he realized someone was taking flash photos.

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Ingram, who was also one of the pallbearers for Buechel's interment Monday at the Greenwood Memorial Park in Fort Worth, said after he returned to Titus County Monday he still couldn't believe she was gone.

Buechel worked at the Tribune 14 years, beginning as the staff person who took notices, updates and obituaries. She took over police beat reporter over a decade ago.

Buechel's funeral was held Sunday at the Bates Cooper Sloan Funeral Home in Mount Pleasant. Eulogists included Daily Tribune Editor and Publisher Bob Palmer, Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram, and Mount Pleasant Police Captain Rob Vine.

"Casey's efforts gave the Daily Tribune a police report rarely found on newspapers this size. Her professionalism, hard work and dedication as well as understanding and compassion were recognized by her supervisors, peers and the first responders who Puma Shoes For Girls White

Puma Latest Shoes For Men

"We had a very good working relationship, she was very professional, she really had a passion for her job."

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Puma Latest Shoes For Men

she covered."

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Newspapers all have a policy of not showing a deceased victim; Burch said he was impressed that Buechel took a photo showing the entire crime scene but concealing the victim behind the police tape that ran across the foreground. "That was an awesome picture."

Jay Burch currently the Chief of Police in Denison said in the time he served as Chief of Police in Mount Pleasant, from 2005 Puma Shoes Price List With Images

In recognition of her dedication in responding to fire calls, she was presented with the Dragon Slayer Award in 2008 by the Mount Pleasant Fire Department, for having attended over 750 fire calls. She was an honorary firefighter of the Mount Pleasant and Sugar Hill Fire Departments. She was also a recipient of the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce Customer Service Award.

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Titus County emergency responders provided an honor guard at her visitation Saturday evening. Pallbearers were Titus County Sheriff Tim Ingram, Lt. Terry McDowell, Sgt. Michael Kirkwood, Sgt. Ken Wilson, Mount Pleasant Fire Chief Larry McRae, and Sugar Hill Fire Chief Jerry Clark. Honorary pallbearers are all Titus County Emergency Responders.

"Casey will be missed," he added.

"When I heard she had died, I cried like a baby," said Ingram.

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Puma Latest Shoes For Men

post. He said he was saddened to hear that she died, but not completely shocked. He remembered weak she looked when he saw her for the last time, "she was very pale."

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He said years later, after he was elected Titus County Sheriff in 2008, Casey told him that happened to be the first call she responded to as the police beat reporter.

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