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Puma Shoes Outlet

Puma Shoes Outlet

Post," said Denis Lemelin. "We recognize that Canada Post needs to change, but this is not the way."

It will also expand its footprint of postal outlets and streamline internal operations to cut costs.

"If this happens, it would be the end of an era for Canada Puma Running Trainers

The cost of stamps will Puma Trainers With Velcro Strap

Puma Shoes Outlet

Puma Shoes Outlet

Puma Shoes Outlet

Canada Post lost $109 million in its last quarter and expects significant losses this year.

MP defends Canada Post delivery cuts

Puma Shoes Outlet

go up as of March 31, with individual stamps costing $1 and a roll of stamps costing $0.85 per stamp.

Puma Shoes Outlet

If most residents are okay with the impending Canada Post cuts, so is local MP Guy Lauzon.

In the meantime, he hopes educational tools become more available to wean residents off the letter and stamp.

Puma Shoes Outlet

Canada Post also plans to cut between 6,000 and 8,000 jobs over the next 10 years through attrition.

Lauzon said residents' feedback during recent Canada Post consultations suggests the Puma Trainers Red

Puma Shoes Outlet

"I think that will be part of the five year window (of implementation)."

Lauzon hopes older residents join other residents in utilizing the internet for their corresponding needs.

The postal service predicts once implemented, the changes not counting job cuts will add between $700 million to $900 million to its bottom line. It hopes to return to financial sustainability by 2019.

Opposition parties said they had serious concerns about the changes, especially the Puma Shoes Outlet impact on seniors.

Puma Shoes Outlet

Puma Shoes Outlet

Other fragile residents will have to walk or drive (or use a wheelchair) to get their mail from proposed community mailboxes, which are already common in isolated communities.

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers president called the move "rash and short sighted."

public is willing to sacrifice door to door delivery rather than spend millions to prop up one of Canada's oldest institutions.

The shift to community mailboxes will affect roughly five million Canadians in mostly urban areas who still get door to door delivery. The changes will be phased in over five years, beginning in late 2014.

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