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Puma Match White

Puma Match White

"Jaki has a huge heart and she would be the first person to do this for someone else," said Mckay Hays.

Biesenthal is unsure whether she'll be able to attend; she is preparing to move out of the General Hospital and into Wascana Rehabilitation Centre next week. Dressler wanted to remain a Saskatchewan Roughrider, even though he likely could have commanded a higher salary elsewhere.

The 42 year old had been riding for five years and had just received her full licence the month before.

her pillows, and supply a cot for her husband. It's that support not the pain or trauma of her accident that brings her to tears.

"That's the hardest part to choke down. It really is," she Puma Ladies Trainers

Puma Match White

"I don't sit here and feel sorry for myself and wonder, 'How could this happen to me? Why did this happen to me?'" she said. Her optimism must be a superpower, she added.

Puma Match White

Biesenthal in hospital.

Puma Match White

"When you ride, not only are you a motorcycle rider, but you Puma Match White become like instant family to everybody," said Shelly Anne Mckay Hays, president of a local women's riding group called Highway Hunnies.

REGINA Every day, Jaki Biesenthal gets her husband to film her as she provides a personal update. She likes to sport dollar store accessories, like a feather boa and rock star glasses, just to lighten the mood. She hopes the clips, posted to Facebook, mean her friends won't lose sleep over her condition.

Puma Match White


On June 10, Biesenthal was making her way home from a Regina charity event when an SUV veered into her lane on Albert Street, colliding with her motorcycle.

"I'm shocked at how she's dealing with this. She's admirable because her strength is amazing," said Mckay Hays, who, along with other Highway Hunnies members, have visited Puma Alexander Mcqueen 2018

Puma Match White

"If in one day out of all the people who watch my posts I can make 35 or 50 people laugh and think, 'Oh my gosh is she ever crazy,' that makes my day. It really does."

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Biesenthal said she has been blessed by the friends and family who have rallied to her side, including her extended motorcycle riders. They've been present to brush her teeth and hair, bring Puma Basketball Shoes

"It's not something that's going to be able to hold me down," Biesenthal said of the accident.

Motorcyclists rally around fellow rider

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Biesenthal's spirit has inspired motorcyclists from across Canada to contact her with well wishes.

To clarify, the woman lying in a hospital bed with an amputated leg, two broken arms and a pelvis fractured in three places is concerned about improving other people's days.

Puma Match White

The organization was hosting a group riding safety event the night of Biesenthal's accident. The news and the way Biesenthal has dealt with the incident has sent ripples through the membership.

Soon after the accident, Biesenthal was scrolling through Facebook notifications when she was shocked by an invitation to a Rally for Jaki Biesenthal. A group of her close friends have organized a barbecue and fundraising event on July 4 in her honour.

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