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with social interaction and communication, and find it difficult to learn seemingly basic

The boys are high functioning, meaning they have regular intelligence and can communicate, althought their language skills are very behind for their ages.

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

But the boys are not all sweetness and light like all children they can get angry and frustrated. The difference is that due to their lack of language, they do not always know how to express"You're always judged that you have naughty children, but because they can't express themselves verbally, they throw a tantrum like a two year old," says Sarah.

They also have little sense of Puma All Black

She said: "If you're going out with them they still can't be trusted not to run across a road.

They attend the mainstream East Sheen Primary School, but have a tutor with them in class to help them make sense of the lessons.

The National Autism Society's Richmond branch officer, Laura Lennuyeux Comnene, said she hoped Rain Man coming to Richmond would help raise awareness about autism.

"The thing about autism is that people expect that if your child is autistic, they have learning disabilities and that's not always the case," said Sarah.

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

trip across America.

concepts like hot and cold and wet and dry.

The play tells the story of two estranged brothers struggling car salesman Charlie (Oliver Chris) and autistic savant Raymond (Neil Morrissey) who learn a new respect when they embark on a road

Rain Man, the stage show based on the 1988 film starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, will continue its run at Richmond Theatre tonight and tomorrow.

"It's like if you or I went to live in another country with a foreign language. I wouldn't understand a word, but I'm not stupid."

The lifelong condition means 10 year old twins Benjamin and Thomas and seven year old Hector struggle Shoes Puma Sports

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

Sarah said it was very unusual to have three autistic children in one family and it was Puma Black And Gold Shoes

"Although there is no doubt Rain Man put autism in the public mind for the first time, we hope this production will give us the opportunity to discuss more about how autism affects people in

Sarah said: "There isn't a cure, but we can maximise their potential."

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

although there is no family history.

"I don't know an autistic child that isn't affectionate. In fact, our kids are more affectionate than other kids they still get into bed with us in the morning," Puma Ducati Shoes 2018 she admits.

too early to tell is their youngest child, 15 month old Marcus, is affected. Experts believe it is genetic

Mum speaks of life with three autistic sons From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Understandably, Sarah is concerned about the future but for now all the couple can do is concentrate on giving the boys the best start they can.

moment). They talk a lot, but mainly only about what they want to talk about having a conversation can prove difficult.

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

Despite their disability, however, the three elder boys lead very similar lives to other children their age.

"They have no sense of danger, theirs or anyone else's."

consequences and can accidentally put themselves in dangerous situations.

They participate in after school activities like art class and Cub Scouts, and can be very passionate about things they are interested in (Thomas is going through a World War II phase at the

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

Puma Ducati Shoes 2018

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