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THE DECISION to recall Parliament to discuss the situation in Iraq has been welcomed by both of the borough's MPs who have been calling for this ever since the threat of military action reared itsMP for Richmond Dr Jenny Tonge and MP for Twickenham Dr Vincent Cable have both voiced their concern over the Prime Minister's lack of effort in inviting debate in the House of Commons overSpeaking at a meeting of Twickenham and Richmond Liberal Democrats last week, Dr Jenny Tonge, MP for Richmond Park, welcomed the recall planned for next Tuesday.

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

"I have been supplying Dr Vincent Cable with both leaked and hard to obtain official documentation for a year now, as well as the best investigative journalism from the web and although our MPs

She said: "Tony Blair appeared to think he had a divine right to act on our behalf without consultation. I am very pleased he has heeded to calls from many, including Charles Kennedy, to allow

She continued: "We cannot blindly follow the US and it appears that polls in the UK show that the vast majority of the public believe that an attack on Iraq is not justified in present"If there is to be war against Iraq, there must be incontrovertible evidence that Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction and intends to use them. It needs to be backed by the international

"The first priority of the UN Security Council and all of its members must be to achieve the return of weapons inspectors to Iraq under relevant UN resolutions."

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

very concerned with the state of affairs between nations and has already given a talk at Borders bookshop in Kingston on this topic

I have been providing them, as it paints a very different picture of current affairs than the one our

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

Mr Robinson said: "Tony Blair has shown us how much he welcomes informed debate on Iraq by promising to publish his dossier' on Iraq three hours before the debate in the Commons.

"I am still convinced that the continuing conflict between Israel and Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018 the Palestinians is the most serious problem facing the Arab world at present, and the solution to this problem should be our"America is not the Roman Empire. Bush is not a Roman Emperor."

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

MPs voice fears over Iraq crisis From Richmond and Twickenham Times

Parliament to have its say."

is the extent to which intelligent people are now realising the lack of information or analysis provided by our mainstream press and their willingness to obtain their

She went on to comment that everyone was waiting for the Prime Minister to produce his evidence dossier' which he claims justifies his support of George Bush.

community in the form of a UN resolution.

will not have any decision making ability about UK involvement in

Dr Vincent Cable, MP for Twickenham, views the problem of Iraq in much the same way.

"Secondly, there has to be a fresh attempt to use the UN machinery. We have to be given evidence that there is an offensive by Iraq planned using weapons of mass destruction.

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

information from alternative and independent news services.

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

"Thirdly if the UN agree that military action is necessary, then we must support British troops who will then be used."

"I would like to see the Liberal Democrats being brave enough to expose some of the research Puma Shoes For Girls White

Simon Robinson, who is a local investigative journalist, is Puma Rose Gold Trainers

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

"There is fear and alarm on the doorstep. The first thing is that Parliament needs to be recalled to debate this crisis.

He said: "There are three points to be said. There is a lot of public concern, I have received a lot of letters.

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

Puma Casual Shoes For Men 2018

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