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city should spend its money more carefully rather than trying to grab a piece of their oil assessment.

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Danyluk was replaced at Municipal Affairs by Hector Goudreau in last month's cabinet shuffle. The new minister extended the inspection's due date to the end of February. It is now the Puma Shoes For Girls Kids

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Puma Mens Boots

Regardless of the results, people in Cold Lake and the surrounding region just want to know. For decades, Cold Lake politicians have clamoured for more sources of revenue to meet the needs of a growing community.

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Puma Mens Boots

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middle of March and we are still waiting.

On the other end, the inspection could find that the city is grossly mismanaged and call for extreme measures such as replacing the entire council and senior city staff. Or it could fall somewhere in between.

Until the report is released, speculation will only grow as to what the final results will say. The report may state that the city, with a few minor adjustments, runs just fine.

The municipal inspection of Cold Lake isn't finished and until it is released a cloud of uncertainty will hang Puma Mens Boots over Cold Lake.

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While Cold Lake politicians sought more money, municipal politicians in the MD of Bonnyville say the Puma Gv Special Exotic

Municipal inspection should be made public

it will land on Minister Goudreau's desk first. However, it is important that the provincial government release as much of the report public to eliminate any rumour or innuendo swirling in its aftermath. Either Cold Lake is financially viable or it isn't.

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Once the report is finished, Puma Shoes Bmw

It's very difficult to effectively operate a city under such circumstances. George Cuff, the consultant, appointed by then Municipal Affairs Minister Ray Danyluk to conduct the inspection, hinted that the report would be completed by the end of January.

After the sometimes bitter mediation talks between municipalities in the region in the fall, which led Cold Lake to seek a dissolution study, it's time the province finally decided what to do with Cold Lake.

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