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Puma Girls Sports Shoes

"It's perhaps not obvious and very up front but there might be some sentiments that are more subtle that are still important to address so everyone grows up with a more knowledgeable understanding of your surroundings," she said. "Not only for the racism and Puma Blue And Pink

"When I was Puma Girls Sports Shoes a little kid I got called a 'dirty Indian', that's a racist term, I got called a 'savage' by this one guy who was drunk, intoxicated," he commented.

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

discrimination part of it but also to become appreciative of other people around you and what they have to bring to the table from their perspectives."

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

the same, we're all human beings and we can learn to live in harmony if we trust one another and actually work on understanding a culture instead of trying to destroy the culture itself," Hesjedal.

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

"Being all together as one and getting to know each other and learn actually makes up for the hatred that's been around in the world." Puma Shoes Women

As an Aboriginal teenager, he said he once got pulled over by the cops who wanted to know why he was running one night when he was late for supper.

Fifty students and teachers from vastly different cultural and ethnic backgrounds spent Wednesday trying to break down barriers of racism and prejudice by learning from each other.

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

Through student games and group discussions, Florres describes the workshop as a safe environment for kids to address issues of racism and discrimination from a friendly perspective. While racism is not always as blatant in today's society as it has been in the past, Florres said it is still a major issue that we can't ignore.

Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan hosts Stop Racism workshop

"Every culture has their own beliefs and differences but in reality we're all Puma Gold And Black Shoes

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

He pointed out that people seeing what they want to see is the main problem. In high school Hesjedal says he has heard a lot of racist comments made to people from other cultures as well. He welcomed the chance to learn about other cultures and religions at the workshop. For example, he said talking to other teenagers helped him understand the religious significance of head coverings for Muslim women and girls.

Victoria Florres has been part of this workshop for eight years, first as a student and now as a facilitator. She said programs like this one are particularly important now because schools in Saskatchewan are becoming a lot more multi cultural with the influx of new immigrants.

"Racism is everywhere regardless of what adults see," Hesjedal explained.

The Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Centre in Regina was the site of a Stop Racism youth leadership workshop hosted by the Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan.

17 year old Tyrone Hesjedal says there is no question that racism is everywhere, regardless of what people want to believe about how progressive our society is. His heritage is Cree and Ojibwa and when asked if he had ever confronted racism personally he said yes.

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

If young people can learn to understand and accept each other's differences he thinks there is a better chance to wipe out racism for future generations.

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

Puma Girls Sports Shoes

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