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Motorola made a big mistake not improving there mobiles as i am sure the Razor with a 5 mega pixel camera might have caused some kind of challenge to the others but they just stuck with the 2 mega ones on every model they released an now they are trying to impress but they better not stick to the low budget mobiles as they are way behind now so better start producing top class mobiles as soon as the can because all the others will show them up again with the G900 or G700 an N96 an others on there way quickly

It had bunch of features nobody needs and basic stuff didn't work as well as on V8.

I shouldnt have to use iTAP. No matter how good your intentions are to get i Tap to work. IT doesnt get t9 and put your own crap to bed!

BTW, claiming that T9 is better than iTap is silly, it's just a matter what one is used Puma Gv Special Sneakers to.

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IT all depends on what phone you have used. I have owned and used my share of phones across the major brands and there are somethings I find odd in all the phones (like Nokia calling the link to change your network settings connectivity instead of network like Moto). The RIZR/KRZR/ROKR all have well laid out interfaces with easy to understand icons. It all depends on the Moto you used. SE P1 menu icon is four round circles. yea that makes loads of sense.

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Motorola software is basically sh ite. This is because unless your left handed the interface is hard to use. When i wanna be able to find my phone number i shouldnt have to turn the phone off and wait for the message to come up at the beginning.

Although there are articles about how the main sales came from the mid and low range for all phone brand, Motorola lacked the high end model which they can raise their nose and brag without getting overshadowed against the likes of N96 or XPeria.

All the great Nokia and SE phones don't sell well in US because they are rubbish! A friend of mine visited me last year from Europe with a Nokia Symbian phone which sounded terrible in a phone call, picture quality was much worse than V8 and the interface was mighty complicated and confusing.

Look at SE and Nokia. they have learned from eachother by bringing out phones that WE the public want. An MP3 player that will take on an ipod, A camera that will take on the latest camera in Dixons. a screen that will let me watch family guy in a resolution similar to what i get at home.

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Saying the Motorola UI is crap is really an unfair statement. Puma Shoes Pink And Black

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Puma Gv Special Sneakers

Puma Gv Special Sneakers

Anyway, Puma Shoes For Men Navy Blue

Features not bad could do better. the world is bigger than america in what the public want. People in America use phones for one thing calling, nothing else. Whilst the who world was texting, emailing and sending photos and watching youtube vids, the americans found out Puma Shoes For Men Images

And the phone was all plastic!!! CHEAP!!!

Motorola stop trying to change the market by bringing out rubbish. sort the software and watch the number of people on your brand grow. IT wont take long. look at the market share of SE. within 5 years its eaten market share from nokia. LG will be better than you lot in a bit. and thats saying summat

Motorola Roadmap 2008 leaked

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about texting. The market is at least 3 years behind the uk and europe and loads more behind the east.

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Puma Gv Special Sneakers

If iphone screen had been 2.0" or 2.2", people would not be talking about how good it is for browsing. LESS SQUINTING.

If you agree tell me what you think

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Impressive is the least I can say. Moto is catching a wake up by upgrading those previously underrated models like the MING's, E series ROKR's and other A series models, just like Sony Erricsson which perfoms better than the much hyped Samsung and overrated Nokia. Motos are intelligent but just need some hardware like bigger screens, larger pixel cameras, and some software they use to leave out deliberately(FM, wi fi, GPS, touch screen and 3G on Linux). I just love the way they operate coz I use a Nokia 6234 now but a simple thing like writting an sms takes loooong. Personally I would take the one with a 3.5mm audio vieo jack provided there's 3G, wi fi, FM and GPS, though radio and GPS are just for an 'I have it too' show off, I don't listen to radio anymore on my Nokia coz I have enough music on my 1gb memory card. Hope the final release models come refined and brought to South Africa.

without the need to repeat comments already made. Is there no timeline revealed in the roadmap ? I'd love the A1600, but when ? If it took to late Q3 or Q4, that's already taking too much time after the tension is down by the disappointment that it didn't shows up in CTIA.

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