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Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

The driver made every effort possible to avoid the collision but to no avail. The driver of the motorcycle sustained significant though non life threatening injuries, while the bear simply walked away.


Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

We've spoken in the past about motorcycle stunts and how dangerous they are; we always say you never know what could happen at high speeds. This is a perfect example. The video clearly shows nobody else on the road, and a nice clear dry day. Who would expect a bear to run across the road? says Corporal Robert McDonald of E Division Traffic Services.

BC RCMP Traffic Services is releasing this video for public educational purposes, to illustrate why drivers should obey speed limits, and pay attention to the road, Puma Sneakers Limited Edition so they are prepared to react to any event.

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

video were seized at Puma Bluebird

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

Police note there are two very relevant factors as a causal factor for this motorcycle crash:

Motorcyclist video shows importance of driving defensively

Video description: A video camera mounted on the helmet of the motorcycle driver is focused on the odometer. The motorcycle is observed going from 0 km/h to 140 Km/h and over. At the same time a train is entering the peripheral view of the camera. Shortly after a young black bear is seen running across the highway to get away from the train. The video image goes unstable as the driver is ejected from his motorcycle after impact with the bear.

Distracted driving The video shows the driver was clearly focused on capturing the speed on his odometer, and did not notice the bear until it was half way across the oncoming lane of traffic.

to avoid something, or even a child running out of a driveway.

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

Excessive speed The motorcycle was traveling at over 140km/h when the bear was first observed. The speed was too great and distance too short to avoid the crash.

If the media does not play, reload this page or External link, opens in a new windowExternal link, opens in a new windowExternal link, opens in a new windowdownload the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

To their surprise police observed the motorcycle going for 0 km/h to over 140km/h in less than 20 seconds. Unfortunately, at the same time a train going by scared a young black bear, that ran across the highway directly in front of the motorcycle.

We hope this short video will help people realize the importance of slowing down, and concentrating on the complicated task of driving a motor vehicle, says Cpl. McDonald. While motorists don't often need to avoid bears, every day drivers may need to react to events such as dogs running out suddenly in front of their vehicle, or a cyclist swerving Puma Shoes For Boys

After ensuring the motorcyclist was receiving medical attention, the investigator quickly discovered the presence of video camera mounted on the driver helmet. The helmet and the Puma Womens Shoes

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

The RCMP's Fraser Valley Traffic Services responded to a motorcycle accident on Highway 7 on June 30, 2013. The accident was believed to be a single motorcycle crash.

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

Puma Sneakers Limited Edition

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