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Robitaille, now 83, was forced to return home because of health problems, a mere month before the disaster.

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Puma Mcq Tech Runner

"I haven't returned but I get a lot of news and I'm quite connected," she said.

"We're grateful for the donated fabric and that our students are allowed to practice their new skills," Robitaille said.

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Progress still comes at a price, Robitaille added.

And while millions of dollars in donations have flooded into Haiti, Robitaille said there remains "a lot of work to be done" in the country that was mostly impoverished even Puma Red Shoes Men

"Every month, those people still telephone me. Keep in mind, they are poor," she said. "A lot of the times, rich people don't even think of calling to keep in touch."

In general, Robitaille estimates the country is still another decade away from being back to where it was.

Puma Mcq Tech Runner

Puma Mcq Tech Runner

Puma Mcq Tech Runner

back from Haiti just before Christmas and I had saved over $6,000 to give. I also had an envelope for a poor woman I knew who phoned me. She called me from Haiti to tell me thank you for the money she had received."

Puma Mcq Tech Runner

"The ladies who are teaching there aren't used to automated sewing machines that go so fast. Pedal pushing machines are more their speed," she explained.

In the two years since Robitaille left Haiti, she remembered saying goodbye to the 10 people she worked with.

CORNWALL It has been two years since a devastating earthquake struck the Caribbean nation of Haiti, and while there has been progress in its rehabilitation, there still is a long way to go, according to a local nun who once lived in the country.

Puma Mcq Tech Runner

Puma Mcq Tech Runner

Sister Elaine Robitaille spent 13 years in Haiti with the Sisters of the Holy Cross, and only returned weeks before the magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck, killing an estimated 200,000 Haitians and left another 1.5 million people without homes

The students attending the school are making headway as well, producing bags, hemming covers for even more machines the sisters expect to receive and fleece vests all from donated fabric.

Before she left, Robitaille said she remembered a singer who came from the United States and did "so much good."

"Everyone will need to work together and trust each other," she said. "I think the Haitian people need to learn that the people coming to help them are doing Puma Knit

Puma Mcq Tech Runner

Much needs to be done in Haiti

Robitaille hasn't let distance between Cornwall and Haiti keep her from staying connected to the country.

before the earthquake.

In a rebuilding country where little money and little work were big problems before the earthquake, Robitaille suggests trust is the best way forward.

"We recently built a training school for women there called 'The Little Hands,'" she said.

"We're going to teach the women there to sew and make clothes. We have hand machines, real strong machines used in great big (clothing manufacturing) companies."

"A Puma Mcq Tech Runner sister came Puma White Sneakers

Things are progressing well with the sisters that Robitaille maintains contact with, which is a particularly good sign for the area of Cape Haitian.

"He got the teens t shirts and brooms to sweep the streets and he made sure they got a salary, but older people showed up too because they wanted money also."

so in an honest way."

Puma Mcq Tech Runner

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