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"There are a lot of people in the penitentiary who've done worse things than him," Hickey said. "It's certainly not the case that we're only pursuing the death penalty for the worst of the worst."

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Master manipulator, former warden saysDoug Weber, the former state prison warden who carried out all three of the state's recent executions, oversaw Rhines for years. The former warden sees the inmate as a master manipulator whose attitude and behavior align with the jury's sentence.

Peggy Schaeffer, the mother of Donnivan Schaeffer, read most of Rhines letters in December.

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Steve Allender, now the Rapid City Police Chief, spent months tracking the killer before Rhines was captured in Seattle.

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Charles Rhines timeline: The crime and the time on death row

Donnivan Schaeffer was working as a courier March 8, 1992. He was picking up supplies from Dig 'Em Donuts as Rhines, a former shop employee, was rooting though an office desk for cash.

Schaeffer walked into the office, and Rhines sprung upon him with a hunting knife, stabbing him twice.

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Blog: Conversations with a killer

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"I don't think, if he'd been serving a life sentence, that he'd have been out of administrative segregation," Weber said. "He's an extremely intelligent, but an extremely dangerous individual."

nightmare I've ever had about police work was about him," Allender said. "I feared him to a great extent."

And he says Puma Gold Toe Sneakers his death won't bring closure to his victim's family.

The young man pleaded, begging Rhines to take him to the hospital as he was lead into a storeroom and sat on a wooden pallet.

"He should have been dead 15 years ago," Puma Shoes Price With Images

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with the Argus Leader, he said he's come to understand the implications of his crime.

murderer contends

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Hickey's bill would not overturn the sentence for Rhines or the two other men on death row, but the pastor agrees with the inmate's view on the use of capital punishment.

"It's not like it was a major crime," Rhines wrote last May. "I pointed out to the police at the time that a dozen murders had occurred in Rapid City over the previous year (1991 92), mostly Native Americans killing Native Americans, but they count, too, don't they?"

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Burst of laughter after the murderThe Rhines case might seem like a robbery gone wrong, but the people involved see it as much more than that especially given his behavior after the crime.

" 'Yeah, right, Donnivan. I'm going to call you an ambulance. You bet,' " Allender recalls Rhines saying.

The McLaughlin native is convinced revenge, not justice, is behind his death sentence. In a letter this month, he listed 17 other murderers in South Dakota for whom no death sentence was sought.

"It was evil. I've been in this business for 30 years, and the only Puma Running Shoes Blue

But Rhines, 57, and the state's longest serving death row inmate, insists he's no worse than dozens of other killers, and in more than 100 page of correspondence Puma Bmw Shoes 2017

"Nothing in there changes anything for me," Peggy Schaeffer said. "It's the same kind of thing he's been saying for years."

Others are not convinced.

she said. "Justice has not been swift."

who done . Steve Hickey of Sioux Falls.

The picture Rhines paints of himself through the letters a young man failed by his schools, his family and the institutions meant to mold him stands in stark contrast to the assessments of those closest to the case, and those who've waited more than two decades for justice.

Heather Shepard, who was 16 years old when Rhines threatened to kill her to stop her from revealing what she knew about the unsolved murder, puts it more bluntly.

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