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"They must have torn it down, we never saw it after that," said Betsy, who, along with Murray, were youngsters when the new church was built.

"It took a long time because you had to have a straight cut," Murray said, recalling what he had been told about the original church's construction.

The church was a stone's throw from the Corbeil Point lighthouse, inactive since 1961.

He described how the men always had a bonfire going and they'd put ashes on a string that was anchored at both ends.

According to the website Lighthouses of Canada: Western Ontario, the lighthouse property and area was ceded to its original owners, the Batchewana First Nation of Ojibways, in 1967.

It goes without saying that the heart of a church is its sanctuary, where the spirit of those who care and protect it can take solace in knowing that their work is worthwhile.

"It's more about maintaining the structure than trying to Puma Runners 2017

"They'd lift up the string, let it go so it would make a line," said Murray.

"They really lead the charge."

Discussions had cemented the plans to establish a community centre in the village because the need could no longer be ignored.

The couple was unsure why the original church was replaced in 1937, or what happened to it just 35 years after it had been built.

Moving Experience

"We are taking responsibility and complete charge of building the $1.3 million facility on land that's held in trust and we are building it because our people need it," said Sayers.

Puma New Sneakers

Chief Dean Sayers says the church hasn't been used since about 1991, but people cared about its history and wellbeing and it was left relatively intact.

The original church was made of square timbers hewn from logs.

"There was a specific group of individuals in the village who were adamant Puma New Sneakers and really fought hard to have this church protected and transferred back to the band so we could look after it," Sayers said in a recent interview.

"The steeple leans, is rotten from water getting in there, but it will be incorporated into the design."

Puma New Sneakers

A deal to return the property to Batchewana First Nation in trust was finalized last fall and formal transfer was completed on in January.

Murray Sayers, 91, and his Puma Clyde

St. Puma Maroon Sneakers

wife Betsy, 88, are lifelong residents of Batchewana Village and members of Batchewana First Nation. Both were baptized in the original St. Isaac Jogues Roman Catholic Church.

Puma New Sneakers

Isaac Jogues is no longer a church and hasn't been for quite some time. But it will continue to serve the community as a gathering place, the cross being removed from the steeple.

preserve the church," said Alexandra Syrette, band communications co ordinator.

Puma New Sneakers

Puma New Sneakers

Even so, declining attendance led the local Roman Catholic diocese to close the church altogether, a move that left the structure "sitting in a state of disrepair," says Batchewana First Nation.

A ground breaking ceremony followed in May at the church site.

After a long and complex process had evolved, a mechanism was put in place to facilitate the transfer of the church and land back to the band.

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This area is Obadjiwan , Reserve 15E, Batchewana First Nation and its website describes the reserve as being made up of Batchewana Village area and Batchewana Trust Lands on the western shore of Batchewana Bay.

By using an adzi or broad axe, the men carved the wood into square timber.

Situated about three kilometres south west of the Batchewana village, this original light station was established in 1873.

The structure will be restored as an integral part of the new community complex. Architectural integrity will be preserved in order to protect the distinct and unique identity of the structure.

Puma New Sneakers

Puma New Sneakers

A second church was constructed beside the original one about 35 years later in 1937 and was moved to its present site in 1948.

Puma New Sneakers

Puma New Sneakers

"The church was painted with whitewash, a mixture of lime which turned white and rough when mixed with water," said Murray of the process.

Saint Isaac Jogues Roman Catholic Church has held a long and privileged presence in Batchewana Village since 1902 when the original structure was built by local residents.

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