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It's a process that aims to better include every day people in the political process, but it's not without its critics.

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But Trost said Puma Shoes White And Green

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Saskatchewan Conservative MP Brad Trost is teaming up with the NDP's Brad Stewart on a motion that will see online petitions become an active part of the political process.

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But critics Puma Disc Blaze Black of the e petition system have pointed to a number of problems that other countries have had with similar programs. In the US, an electronic petition system called "We the People" has led to a number of frivolous debates in the White House, including the cancellation of Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show, the possibility of building a "death star" that could destroy other planets and, most recently, a call to deport Justin Bieber after he was arrested for allegedly driving drunk.

"That's why you have to have the five members of parliament sign off on it," he said. "One member of parliament can easily do something really dumb. For five of them to do something that would embarrass the whole House is much, much harder to do."

MP supports opposition

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Political participation has long been in decline in many countries, and Trost said he's hoping this would help include more of the public in politics.

Stewart was tabling a motion to have the House research the efficacy of e petitions on Wednesday. Trost said he and a number of other Conservative MP's support it, but he wasn't sure just exactly how the vote would go.

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"If we get so many names on a petition an electronic, not Puma Runners For Women

members of the House of commons also signs off on it, we'll have a debate in the House of Commons on that particular issue," said Trost just minutes before the House of Commons session began on Wednesday.

he doesn't see that happening with the system him and Stewart are proposing.

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a paper petition and five Puma Shoes Leather

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"People are often more interested in issues than parties and this just brings the system of petitions which does deal directly with issues into the modern era," he said.

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