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The two share a common viewpoint in that they'd like to the Senate abolished. Mulcair called it a, "failed institution".

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A successful economy is a diverse one, Mulcair added.

"I couldn't be happier with how the meeting's gone," said Puma Roma Shoes Blue

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Wall maintains thousands of jobs will be created across Canada with a number of them popping up in Saskatchewan. On top of that he said we'll get more money for our oil.

He also outlined how they need to focus and help grow the party in areas where NDP roots have traditionally been.

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"Here in Saskatchewan we've got a lot of people who agree with us. The proportion of the vote that we get has always been a reflection of that," said Mulcair. "We're extraordinarily hopeful about our ability to go and get a majority of seats here in Saskatchewan in the next election."

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Both expressed how nice it was to sit down face to face for the first time while conceding they weren't going to Puma Beige Sneakers

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of issues, we disagreed on a number of issues but I appreciate the fact that he wanted to meet to talk about them," Wall said.

Mulcair pleased with meeting at Legislature

But while in agreement on that issue, Wall and Mulcair have a differing opinion on the Keystone XL Pipeline project, especially when it comes to construction.

He points to new riding boundary changes as being potentially positive news for the party after what he believed were "Rurban" riding previously. Mulcair described that as if a pizza were superimposed on the largest cities in the province with the centre favouring the NDP and less support as you move outward.

Mulcair sees things a little differently when it comes to employment.

"It's not our figure. It's Minister Flaherty's figure that Keystone represents the export of 40,000 Canadian jobs to the US. The NDP's position has always been try and create those jobs in Canada."

It was a productive, positive, and overall friendly meeting between Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair Monday in Regina.

see eye to eye on every issue.

"We have no interest in having a room full of appointed bag men, party hacks and fundraisers telling the rest of us what the laws should be," he stated.

"He talks about this pipeline, its construction, about only Puma Blue And Red Shoes benefitting the United States. That's not true," the premier said.

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Mulcair. "We agreed on a number Puma Bmw Shoes White

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