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In a rare act of unity on Parliament Hill, MPs from all four parties have now officially joined forces to ensure the details of their secret $540 million budget never see the light of day.

MPs agree to keep spending secret

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But on ursday the nine MPs that sit on the board Puma Classic White

All nine MPs either refused to answer questions from QMI Agency regarding their decision or did not return calls by the time of publication.

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Puma Grey Trainers

invited to conduct a Puma Grey Trainers performance audit of the House of Commons," read a statement from the Board of Internal Economy, the body of MPs that runs the clandestine budget for MPs and senators.

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Puma Grey Trainers

Almost a year ago, Auditor General Sheila Fraser asked to conduct a value for money audit of the House of Commons' budget to ensure there was no misuse of public funds.

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Puma Grey Trainers

Puma Grey Trainers

"Following careful consideration, the auditor general will not be Puma Roma Shoes Grey

The $540 million budget is already audited annually by an independent accounting firm, but that audit only ensures proper accounting principals are used. e external audit does not look at whether an MP or senator is using Puma Sneakers Online

Peter Coleman, president of the National Citizens Coalition, the advocacy group pushing for accountability for taxpayers that Prime Minister Stephen Harper once presided over, said he was outraged.

(picturted at right) said, "the proposed audit would go beyond the scope of the auditor general's mandate," and that, "Appropriate oversight practices and procedures are in place at the House."

Puma Grey Trainers

"It's not their money," Coleman said. " is air of entitlement needs to stop. It's our money, it's taxpayers' money."

public money to buy big screen televisions or fund non parliamentary travel or hospitality.

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