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also maximize their time and efforts by spending more time training and less standing around while waiting on equipment to use," Homer said.

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racks which included all of the safety attachments, 12 benches, 16 hang clean support racks and 35 new bars. One is at the Willie Williams Gym for the volleyball and boys and girls basketball teams while the other is going to be set up at Wallace Middle School.

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"This will allow us to start introducing pre athletics to our current 6th graders," Homer said.

MPISD expands weight room facilities

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Wednesday morning students and coaches unloaded weight room equipment the program purchased from Texas A College Station. The program added 16 double sided half Puma Ladies Sports Shoes

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I am very excited for our kids and our coaches because now, we as a district and athletic department are clearing a path for our kids to get the most out of their Puma Shoes Gold

off season and in season programs and we are now putting our kids in position to be successful and compete at a very high level of competition," he added.

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"This is a great way to, one, promote your business over the PA Systems at Puma Grey our athletic venues and two, support our local student athletes here in Mount Pleasant to help ensure they have the resources available to be successful on the court, field, course, track, etc," Homer explained. "We started with 22 available commercials and we are now down to 16."

"There was a real need for a weight room at the Willie Williams Gym.

The entire process of purchasing and installing the equipment at MPHS, MPJHS and Wallace was a group effort. The District's Head Coaches pooled funds from their individual fundraising efforts and got additional funds from the MPISD Athletic Booster Club to make the purchase, one that will benefit all District athletic programs and current and future student athletes. Students and coaches helped unload and assemble the equipment.

Coach Steve Ferguson also took some of the equipment to the Mount Pleasant Junior High and reorganized the weight room set up there.

"We were able to double the amount of equipment so that our student athletes at the junior high level can Puma Shoes Black White

One of the most creative ways the MPISD Athletic Booster Club is generating money is through the sale of GameTime Radio Commercials, according to Homer. GameTime will play over the PA system at all MPISD athletic events and venues.

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