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Puma Sneakers Sale

Puma Sneakers Sale

"Extra patrol officers will be working during peak enforcement times specifically looking for impaired drivers," Chief Wayne Isbell said. "The new full time department policy implements a zero tolerance approach to alcohol related and impaired driving (drug) offenses to assist with prosecution of Sneakers Puma

"The safety of the citizens on our public roadways is our primary concern," Isbell said. The Mount Pleasant Police Department encourages people not to allow friends to get behind the wheel after drinking and call 911 to report reckless driving and possible drunk drivers.

Historically, approximately 50 percent of all traffic fatalities across the state involve drug and/or alcohol intoxication. Lives are dramatically Puma Shoes For Men New Collection

"Officers will also be keeping an eye on businesses that serve alcoholic beverages, looking for people who are intoxicated in public places and for businesses that over serve their patrons. The police department will Puma Racer


Officers will seek a search warrant to obtain a blood sample from any person stopped for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, if the person refuses to provide a breath specimen.

Puma Sneakers Sale

Puma Sneakers Sale

Puma Sneakers Sale

changed by the decision to drive impaired on alcohol or drugs.

Puma Sneakers Sale

Puma Sneakers Sale

be doing this in an attempt to prevent an impaired person from getting behind the wheel of a vehicle," Isbell said.

Puma Sneakers Sale

Puma Sneakers Sale

Puma Sneakers Sale

MPPD holiday DWI enforcement efforts start today

Traffic Puma Sneakers Sale crashes continue to be the leading cause of death in Texas Chief Wayne Isbell said. The department will begin stepped up efforts to keep intoxicated drivers off the roads starting Friday, Aug. 15 and lasting through Sept. 1.

Puma Sneakers Sale

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