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Missouri State is 6 2 in games Jackson has attended, losing only at home to Wichita State and on the road at Loyola. A Puma Sneakers Brown

The time has been special too for Kellie Harper's mother, Peggy Jolly.

"I've loved living in Springfield, and I'm enjoying coaching the team. But doing all of this has been Puma On Feet

Puma Pink And Black Shoes

The softness in Kellie Harper's voice tells you all you need to know.

"He's my first (grandchild), and when I have to go home he's going to be pretty far away from me," Jolly said. "So it's been pretty fun being with him 24/7, but it'll be hard when I have to leave."

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Jolly watches Jackson during practices, games and meetings, and is there at the drop of a hat if Jon or Kellie need to pick up and go at a moment's notice.

"We've had a few fans deliver some things for him. A lot of things with a bear theme, which is really cute," Harper said. "This child is not going to want for anything. We've got a lot of friends, family, fans, that have bestowed a lot of gifts upon him."

Puma Pink And Black Shoes

"I'm crazy about him already. It didn't take very long. I can sit and stare at him for hours. I don't have hours to stare at him, but when I do I enjoy it," Harper said recently as her newborn son Jackson slept in his grandmother's lap.

Jolly, who lives about a nine hour drive from Springfield in Sparta, Tenn., traveled to town to help her daughter and son in law care for Jackson. She'll stay until the end of the Lady Bears' season.

"That was the first time we've done that, so I was kind of looking over my shoulder the whole time," Kellie said with a smile.

A mostly quiet little guy with a full head of dark hair, Jackson has been hanging out with the Lady Bears since he was two weeks old. Harper said she's gotten parental advice from plenty of sources, including her own mother and other basketball coaches with young children.

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"Basketball's been my whole life, too. All three of our children played, and my husband was a basketball coach. That's what I know," Jolly said. "So watching (the Lady Bears) play has been a bonus.".

"We've said he's our good luck charm, definitely at home with the exception of Wichita State," senior Bry Snow said. "We love having him around. He has a lot of energy and he's the cutest little thing. I don't think anybody can complain about having a new baby around."

win tonight against Northern Iowa will get the Lady Bears back to .500 for the first time since the second game of the season after the team started 1 6.

just think everybody tells you how it's going to be when you're a parent 'you're going to love this child.' I don't think you can really grasp it until you have one. He's just a joy."

Fans and friends are putting their full efforts toward the newest member of the team as well.

a little hectic, to say the least," Harper said. "But I think we have a good plan. We're managing well. I don't think I'm doing a disservice to my son or my team right now. I feel like I'm putting my full efforts towards both of them."

On the team's recent road trip to Bradley, Jackson got some quality time with the players, sitting with them as they ate at a restaurant.

It's nothing new for Jolly, who has basketball in her blood. And she gets the Puma Pink And Black Shoes bonus of watching Missouri State free of charge.

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"They have (bonded with him), as much as they can at this point. Little babies are different, because most people maybe aren't comfortable with them. Just because, you just are. He's so small. So they haven't had a ton of time to hang out with him," Jon Harper said. "I think as he gets older and can interact with him a little more, I think it will get better. I think they enjoy having him around."

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Puma Pink And Black Shoes

The players like having the baby Bear around too, even if they're still a little cautious. After a practice a couple of weeks ago, a few Lady Bears walked over to Jackson and wiggled one of his feet or lightly touched his head.

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MSU coaches' son part of the team

"I Puma Trainers Patent

He recently started making road trips with the team. And with 13 older "sisters" who happen to be college basketball players, little Jackson's journey toward a life filled with basketball is well under way.

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Born Nov. 25, the night before the Lady Bears played Quinnipiac, Jackson has been around for about seven weeks now. And the only thing making the Missouri State women's basketball coach happier than her team's recent play is the time that she and husband Jon get to spend with their first child. tipoff at JQH Arena.

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