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Nickel Belt MPP France Gelinas is vowing to do everything she can to end the stalemate between striking Puma Dark Red Shoes

Mom and pop restaurants in communities that generally supply mine employees with sandwiches and pizza are also hurting, said Gelinas, and some have closed.

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It is hurting non unionized employees of Vale Inco who must work for the company during the labour dispute and whose families are taking some criticism because of it.

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Steelworkers and Vale Inco Ltd. including flying to Brazil next week to meet with President Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Puma Roma Shoes Black

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She will leave Monday for the 10 hour flight to Brazil, where she intends to engage politicians at the local, state and federal level in a discussion about what is happening in Sudbury.

All of Vale Inco's mines, mills and smelter are located within her riding, said the NDP Puma Rose

Puma Bluebird

Puma Bluebird

"Every politician has a duty to help (their constituents) whether they work for the mines or they hate the mines," said Gelinas. It is not just miners who are suffering, she said. Contractors who supply Vale Inco operations are hurting, and have laid off employees or cut their hours.

Production and maintenance workers went on strike July 13 claiming Vale Inco was seeking concessions such as an altered pension, a reduction in their nickel bonus and limits and seniority transfer rights.

The long lineup for coffee at cafes in Lively, for example, is much shorter since the strike began Puma Bluebird almost five months ago, she said.

Puma Bluebird

Puma Bluebird

Puma Bluebird

Puma Bluebird

MPP to meet with Brazil's president

The strike, now in its 21st week, is taking a terrible financial and emotional toll on her constituents, says Gelinas and not just on the more than 3,050 members of United Steelworkers' Local 6500.

Puma Bluebird


Puma Bluebird

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