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Puma Mens Shoes

was dating her roommate, when he assaulted her. She said in her testimony that Elliott poked her in the crotch with a broomstick handle, he also cornered her in the kitchen and told her 'we're going to get to know each other a little better,'" and locked the victim in her room when she tried to escape him.

"She did everything she needed to do," LaBorde said. "She had vaginal injuries consistent with rape. His DNA was found in her vagina."

Puma Mens Shoes

Puma Mens Shoes

Puma Mens Shoes

When she was able to get out of her room, charges were filed for unlawful restraint.

"He picked her up and carried her away from prying eyes," LaBorde said. "He tore her clothes off and sexually assaulted her. She put her clothes back on and walked away. Mr. Elliott drove by and raped her again."

he assaulted her twice after a party. LaBorde said the student was heading home after a party, walking in the road, when Elliott picked her up in his car.

"He ended up getting a ticket for that in 2011," LaBorde said.

Elliott, who was signed to play football for Baylor University after high school, was sentenced after testimony from different women documenting sexual assaults that occurred since 2009.

Puma Mens Shoes

The only charges Elliot face stemmed from an assault on April 15, 2012, where a former Baylor student testified Puma Rose Shoes

According to the prosecutor, the victim was covered in mud when she got back home. She immediately sought medical attention.

"He received 20 years, the maximum sentence," said Hilary LaBorde, an assistant district attorney for McClennan County who tried the case, added the minimum he could receive was a two year sentence.

LaBorde said the defense presented a case that all of the interactions with the women were consensual.


"Four total girls ended up testifying and a fifth girl ended up making a report," LaBorde said. "The assaults occurred from fall of 2009 to spring of 2012."

According to Associated Press coverage of the trial, Elliott's defense attorney, Jason Darling, asked to receive probation so he could help raise his two sons, who are 2 and 4. After sentencing, Elliott still denies it was assault, and that everything was consensual, but he did apologize to the women, not for his actions, but "because they were mad at him,'" the article states.

Puma Mens Shoes

Another victim told the court Elliott Puma Shoes Orange Black

The first victim, from 2009, stated in her testimony that she had passed out, and when she woke up, she was naked and had been Puma Blue And Red Shoes

Mount Pleasant native sentenced in Baylor sexual assault case

Puma Mens Shoes

"Mr. Elliott had a recording of a woman moaning, so his defense was it was consensual," she said.

Puma Mens Shoes

Puma Mens Shoes

According to The Puma Mens Shoes Baylor Lariat, the student publication for the university, family members of Elliott disputed the sentence, stating he did not receive a fair trial.

Puma Mens Shoes

Puma Mens Shoes

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