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O'Hagan was not a Puma Disc Blaze On Feet

shot, although Dow said she did not know where he went. She said he returned to the group around 6:30 the next morning, put clothes in a black garbage bag and was unusually quiet for the rest of the trip.

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The Lloydminster man is accused of fatally shooting Santos while she attempted to answer the door of her Westview neighbourhood home on Sept. 12, 2012.

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Murder trial hears witness told to get guns for accused

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Dow testified that she could tell from her ex boyfriend's demeanor that there was a hit out on a former gang member. Other witnesses have alleged Slater ordered the hit.

Dow told Wagner that Slater would beat up anyone who didn't obey his orders. Even though she was not aware of Slater threatening O'Hagan, his girlfriend, or his family, she said it's possible he could have.

During cross examination, Dow told defense lawyer Ian Wagner that she spoke with police after being told her car was involved in the Santos shooting because she didn't want to be charged as well.

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He said Slater was angry that the member had abruptly left the gang, and that "he basically had, like, a bounty on his head," for $40,000, according to a text message he received on one of the drug phones.

However, that was the address of the Santos family. According to the Crown's admission of facts, Santos died from a single gunshot wound Puma Mercedes Benz Shoes

Colton Menard testified the guns were arranged to be picked up before O'Hagan went to Saskatoon with a group of people, including a high ranking member of the White Boy Posse known as Slater.

Slater had also sent Menard a text message indicating that he was going to Saskatoon to "take care of business." When the Crown asked what that meant, Menard said it meant taking out the former gang member.

Karissa Dow, 21, took the stand Wednesday morning at Saskatoon's Court of Queen's Bench. She said her ex boyfriend was a "patch member" of the White Boy Posse who lived in Lloydminster when they met in 2011. Although Slater was a high ranking drug boss, Dow said it was a title he shared with several other members.

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Puma Running Shoes Blue

Court has heard that Santos was mistakenly shot during a targeted hit at the wrong address. Sgt. Kyla Hicks, a police officer who went through all of O'Hagan's text messages, testified that O'Hagan received a text message from someone in Lloydminster indicating that the former gang member lived at 203 Peterson Terrace.

An affiliate of the White Boy Posse gang out of Alberta said he was ordered to get handguns for Randy O'Hagan, the man on trial for the first degree murder of Saskatoon woman Lorry Santos.

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O'Hagan disappeared for several hours the night Santos was shot, according to Slater's ex girlfriend.

She testified that a group of people, including Slater and O'Hagan, took a trip to Saskatoon in September 2012. O'Hagan left with her car for several hours the night Santos was Puma Black And Gold Shoes

Menard testified that Slater later told him to find out what O'Hagan owed and then "wipe the tally." Although he said he never spoke with the accused about what happened in Saskatoon, he had suspicions that "something went down" when Slater erased O'Hagan's $8,000 debt.

Menard said he was Slater's "right hand man," in charge of directing street level dealers and keeping track of what they owed. He did not know why O'Hagan needed the guns, but suspected it had something to do with a hit out on a former gang member.

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to the heart, which caused her to bleed to death.

member of the White Boy Posse, but worked for the gang Puma Running Shoes Blue as a drug dealer according to Dow, who said the gang had just started expanding into Saskatoon.

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