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Puma Fierce Pink

Puma Fierce Pink

Saunders recounted coming home Thursday after his shift at a local grocery store to discover the heat was out.

Fletcher said the first night, before the friends dropped off the heaters, was the worst.

"They deserve safety and security . . . I don't (want) to punish them."

The Cornwall couple are among the dozens of Murphy's Inn residents who suddenly found themselves shivering after the heat was turned off last Thursday.

"It's really not the way he's supposed to manage," said Ratnam, adding she sympathized with the residents' plight.

Puma Fierce Pink

Puma Fierce Pink

Puma Fierce Pink

He said a downstairs neighbour slept on his couch Saturday night because she had no heat.

Puma Fierce Pink

For more than a year, Saunders and Fletcher have rented a second floor apartment at the Second Street West inn, which also rents out a number of individual rooms.

But like everyone else, McAteer was without hot water.

In addition to the inn's living units, heat was also out in the popular pub and reception hall over the weekend, Ratnam said.

"Can't wash, can't take a shower," he said. "There ain't much you can do.

Cornwall from Montreal today to try to get the inn's gas turned back on.

When reached Sunday afternoon, Saravanamuthu also pledged he would try to get the gas turned on today. He then referred questions to the Montreal owners.

Puma Fierce Pink

freezing," he said. "I came up here and Natasha tells me we've got no heat, no hot water."

Rohini Ratnam, a part owner of the inn. Ratnam said she would be arriving in

rooms and apartments. She said she only learned recently he wasn't paying the bills on time.

Murphy's Inn residents shivering


"I was frozen. I was upset, stressed out, and worried, really," said Fletcher.

"The place was Puma White And Pink Shoes

Plugged in heaters were keeping their apartment reasonably warm.

Puma Fierce Pink

Puma Fierce Pink

The pair had three large pots of hot water boiling Sunday morning.

Neighbour Michael McAteer was one of the luckier residents, with an electric baseboard heater keeping his apartment warm.

"Our friend brought over two heaters, and then another friend brought us a third heater. So we've got three heaters going," said Saunders over the Puma Fierce Pink weekend.

Puma Fierce Pink

If Roy Saunders and Natasha Fletcher want to take a bath, they have to put pots on the stove, turn the elements on, and wait for the water to boil.

"They gotta pay the bill, simple as that." That bill is now approximately $11,000, said

She Puma High Ankle Shoes

Puma Fierce Pink

placed the blame for the situation on the building manager in Cornwall, Thavanesan Saravanamuthu, who oversees the day to day operations of the Puma Drift Cat 6

Puma Fierce Pink

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