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"There are no words for how I feel," Jehovana said. "I see that he wants to give his best, and so we continue to push him to move forward. I'm really excited for him."

After his acceptance, Nathon and his parents chose Austin College for his first summer course. Nathon enrolled in Algebra 1.

"He's even told Puma Match Black

"I want to go into politics; I find it interesting," Nathon said.

me one day he'd like to run for president," Jehovana said.

During his eighth grade year Nathon was again accepted into the program. This summer, he enrolled in a course through Rice University on military leadership and theory of warfare.

Nathon is an active participant in the honor society, UIL, student council, high school band, and the football team.

Jehovana said she couldn't be any prouder of her son's accomplishments.

"This year there's a new athletic director," Jose, Segovia's father, said. "And looking at the team, and seeing Puma Roma Grey

Nathon scored a 25 on the ACT and a 1470 on the SAT while in the seventh grade. According to the official SAT website, the score puts him in the 55th percentile, meaning he scored better than 55 percent of all test takers.

The three week program gives the students a college experience, complete with class schedules, dormitories and homework.

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According to their website, the Duke Talent Identification Program is a non profit organization dedicated to serving academically gifted and talented youth. The program works with students, families and educators to identify, recognize, challenge, engage and help students reach their highest potential.

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"It's only for three weeks, but there's just so much to learn," Nathon, son of Jose and Jehovana Segovia of Mount Pleasant, said. "All the kids there are from different backgrounds. It's diverse."

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"At first, I would see these kids in GT and they were making lower grades than me, so I would always wonder if there was something wrong with me," Nathon said. "But now, I just consider it a challenge to constantly do better than them."

For most junior high students, summer break means a mental vacation from the stresses of the academic world. For Nathon Segovia, an incoming freshman at MPHS, summer break is an opportunity to expand his knowledge and challenge his mind at the Duke TIP program.

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"I did really well on the TAKS, and then in sixth grade I was recognized for the STAAR test, too," Nathon said.

MPHS freshman spends second summer at Rice Univ

me into the program, and I could choose what course and college I wanted to go to," Nathon said.

Jehovania said it was in sixth grade that the family accepted the invitation to have Nathon test by taking the ACT and SAT.

"It was my first time, so I don't feel like it was very good," Nathon said.

Nathon also said he might possibly join the military.

Nathon said he was invited to test for the program after his fifth grade year. The invitation came after Nathon was Puma Low Cut Shoes state recognized for his performance on the TAKS test.

Nathon said while he's never been offered to test for the Gifted and Talented program at school, it doesn't bother him.

Nathon said his parents have pushed him and encouraged him to succeed.

"I wasn't sure about him leaving," Jehovana said. "He was excited about it, but I wasn't ready to let him go."

"All of the professors are helpful," Nathon said. "They bring out your full potential. They challenge me a lot."

Nathon said he and his dad are looking forward to the upcoming football season.

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what they've got planned, I think we might be going to state in four years. Those Longview Lobos better watch out."

"He even had to do his own laundry," Jehovana said.

Nathon said he plans on making the best grades he can in high school and graduating at the top of his class. He wants to attend Harvard Law School and become a lawyer, later becoming involved in politics.

"I play the baritone saxophone, but I can also play the tenor sax and alto sax," Nathon said. "I'm also trying to learn the violin."

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"They've always pushed me to be my best so I can get somewhere in life," Nathon said. "They want everything that's best for me. Without them I don't think I would have done any of this or be where I'm at."

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"I scored well enough on those that they accepted Puma Drift Cat 4 Ferrari

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