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The hospital was among three to receive the highest scores in the HealthStat results published on Monday, which rate hospital services according to a light system of green, amber, and red.

The Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar, is one of the three highest performing hospitals in the country, according to the HSE first ever tables for hospitals.

In the Access category, Mullingar Hospital received six green and three red ratings. While it scored well for adult elective, admission, and physiotherapy waiting times, it fell short when it came to waiting times for consultant led Puma White And Pink Shoes clinics and child elective.

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Puma White And Pink Shoes

Mullingar hospital in Ireland's top three

of the seven headings in the Resources category.

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Puma White And Pink Shoes

and just one green rating. While there was praise for the hospital Public Private Split of Activity, red ratings were given for Finance and Resource Usage, the Percentage of Staff Hours Lost due to Absenteeism, and the percentage of patients not attending clinics.

The hospital was not quite as successful, however, in the Resources category, picking up three red, two amber, Puma New Shoes 2017

The Mullingar hospital received an overall amber rating, indicating an average performance with room for improvement. While it also received amber ratings in the categories of Access and Resources, a top green, or very good, rating was awarded for the hospital performance in the Integration category.

None of the country 29 hospitals managed to secure an overall green rating, with Mayo General Hospital at the bottom of the table.

HIPE, the hospital computer based system which collects data on discharges and deaths.

Puma White And Pink Shoes

Puma White And Pink Shoes

Just two other hospitals, Mallow General Hospital and St Vincent Hospital in Dublin, received similar ratings, while four hospitals got an overall unsatisfactory red rating.

Mullingar scored particularly well in the Integration category, picking up five green and just one amber rating. Positive ratings were received for Appropriateness of Admissions and Care, Inpatient Overall Average Length of Stay, and Percentage of Cases entered into Puma Mcqueen Sneakers

When the three categories are broken down into their sub headings, however, several ratings emerged for the Midland Regional Hospital, Mullingar.

Puma White And Pink Shoes

Puma White And Pink Shoes

Puma White And Pink Shoes

Meanwhile Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe also received an overall amber rating. However, a red rating in the Resources category pushed it further down the tables. The Ballinasloe hospital picked up reds for each Puma Leather

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