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Puma Red And White

Puma Red And White

Thomas was reported missing Monday and was last seen Aug. 14.

NAMPA, Idaho (AP) A Nampa woman who was reported missing was killed by her boyfriend with a hammer, stuffed into a trunk and then buried in a cornfield with Puma Red And White the help Puma Fierce Gold

of three other men, according to police.

Puma Red And White

Police said they haven't found Thomas' body.

Puma Red And White

Officials said Wednesday at a news conference that Puma Shoes Black Women

Puma Red And White

Later, officers found all the carpet from Thomas' car had been removed and there were blood smears on the left hinge of the trunk.

Puma Red And White

County deputies spending the night in a cornfield south of Nampa.

The boyfriend, Alfredo M. Martinez, 39, has been arrested on an unrelated parole violation but prosecutors have not charged him in the death of Selena Dawn Thomas, 37. In court documents filed in those cases, police contend that Martinez told them he struck his girlfriend in the head with a blue hammer and then buried her body.

Puma Red And White

Martinez's Idaho arrest record includes aggravated assault and aggravated battery convictions.

Murder suspect said he buried body

Puma Red And White

No contact information was immediately available for any of the suspects' attorneys.

In 2010, Martinez walked away from his assigned work at the South Idaho Correctional Institution Community Work Center south of Boise. He was caught 13 hours later.

Thomas' mother, Lori Moon, was the one who filed the missing person report. She told officers that Thomas did not have a good relationship with Martinez and her car and items that she normally carried with her were still at her home.

Puma Red And White

Puma Red And White

they were working to collect evidence at a handful of crime scenes. The investigation included Nampa Police and Canyon Puma Trainers With Velcro Strap

Puma Red And White

Puma Red And White

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