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Judge John Neilan made the order at the court in the case of Jason Higgins, 4 Castle Grove, Castlepollard. He pleaded guilty to the offence, which took place in an area outside Mullingar on August 6, 2008.

A man who was 19 when he had sexual intercourse with a 16 year old girl was yesterday sentenced to 11 months imprisonment, suspended, at Mullingar District Court.

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Judge Neilan said Mr Higgins had out fairly and squarely his total involvement in the incident and that as far as Mr Higgins was concerned wasn competently aware that the age of consent wasn 16. he referred again to the medical report prepared by Dr O in which Mr Higgins admitted that he was unwelcome at the victim house because her parents have a particular liking for him. the victim father was looking for her indicated reason to believe that things might not be right. she went against the wishes of her parents, that her business, he said, however he added that Mr Higgins was on notice that he should have absolutely nothing to do with her sentence is adjourned until January for victim impact and probation reports to be prepared.

However, he pointed out that Puma Red Bull

Mullingar man 19 gets suspended sentence for underage offence

Puma Grey High Tops

Puma Grey High Tops

Puma Grey High Tops

a quiet location near trees where they began kissing.

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They were texting that morning and agreed to meet up at Puma Shoes Black And Grey

In their statements, both Mr Higgins and the victim indicated that they understood the other wanted to have sex when they talked about going somewhere quiet.

They had been texting each other for approximately Puma Ladies Sports Shoes

it had been made clear to Mr Higgins following a previous supervised date at the victim house that her parents did not feel he was suitable company for her.

The judge accepted that Mr Higgins did not know that 17 is the age of consent, and he referred to a report prepared for the court by consultant psychiatrist Se O who stated that it is very widely held belief that the age of consent is 16.

Investigating Garda Martin Murray read aloud statements from the victim and Mr Higgins.

a month when they had sex, having met through a mutual friend.

The victim, who according to Mr Higgins solicitor Louis Kiernan was and three quarters at the time of the offence, said she had been Puma Grey High Tops out with Mr Higgins.

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