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Barbara said, "We are Puma Green Trainers

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Jamelia Williams, Melissa Shipman's Former Boss said, "Every time something falls or something comes on by itself they say 'that's melissa, she's just saying hello.'"

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Barbara Shipman, Melissa's Aunt said, "It just seems like a dream that you just cannot wake up from. Because you are thinking will we ever get justice."

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thinking it gets easier, but it doesn't get Puma White And Red

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There is still no court date set for Wheeler's trial. The Pike County circuit clerk's office saiod it could come up in April during the set judges' next criminal term.

easier. Like I said when you lose a loved one, it just takes a part of you away and you know everyday there are constant reminders of her."

hard to move on when they feel justice has still not been served.

Melissa's family takes solace in the fact that Suroy Wheeler, the man accused of her murder, is behind bars.

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It's been almost 13 months since 29 year old Melissa Shipman was found dead in her apartment. But her family says it's Puma Runners Ireland

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Barbara said, "It's still not ready to be heard by grand jury, but we are just still waiting for the go. To go to court and get justice. All we are asking is justice."

While she waits, Barbara Shipman hopes someday, her lingering questions will be answered in the court room. "I just really really hope Puma Shoes Long and pray that no one else gets caught up in these senseless situations. And I guess it's just the way things went down and the way things happened all the answers that are not answered for us," she said.

Murder Suspect Awaiting Trial One Year Later

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