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decision can be made based on what's best for Norfolk, not on political point scoring.'

Simon Wright said: "I think the government has made the right decision on the basis of the criteria that is has for the awarding of these credits. The fact is that the country doesn't need this incinerator to meet its targets, and locally there is such enormous opposition to it that I think the government would have struggled to come to any other conclusion.

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"The message has already been sent to them loud and clear because I'm pretty sure that some of the seats the Puma Canvas Shoes Blue

MPs line up to call for incinerator to be scrapped

Broadland MP Keith Simpson said: "I think it is the correct decision and all credit to the MP, councillors and ordinary people who led a sustained campaign against it. I am glad the government has recognised this. But we must now look again and see how we are going to resolve the waste disposal recycling challenge that faces Norfolk.

"I have previously asked officials in Defra to help the Council explore ways of funding alternative technologies if plans to build the incinerator are scrapped, and I will continue to support Norfolk County Council in any way I can in developing sustainable waste solutions for the future."

"They didn't do it for bad intentions at all. They were genuinely hoping to resolving a problem. It was just that a lot of people thought it was the wrong answer and it was going to cost a lot of money."

"Having said that the council now has a difficult period in which it has to respond to this announcement. I am pleased they have a meeting coming up where this can be fully discussed. But as someone who has always opposed this incinerator proposal I hope a way forward can be found now that means Norfolk won't be saddled with this unnecessary and unpopular project."

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon said: "Many people are naturally suspicious about whether such projects are good value for money, given the seriously chequered and expensive history of so many PFI schemes. In today's extremely tight financial climate, I am not surprised that the government has chosen to withdraw support for this scheme."

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"The Conservatives left Norfolk taxpayers tied into a poor value contract for the incinerator, with the risk of significant costs to the Council if that contract is cancelled. I am glad that the Council is urgently reviewing the contract that was signed to understand properly its financial implications. Lib Dem councillors pressed for this to happen.

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But he said that the decisions had been made on legal advice.

He said that the last Conservative administration had already been held to account over the decision.

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"It is simply unbelievable that the previous Conservative administration should have shackled the county to Puma Classic Trainers

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something that could have had such a damaging impact on the county's finances. I think it shows why a change in political leadership and moving forward a change in the way decisions are made the county council is so vital for Norfolk.

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last Conservative council administration were lost over in West Norfolk due to the incinerator. There is no doubt in my mind about that.

Mid Norfolk MP George Freeman said: "This unhappy saga of the incinerator continues to bedevil Norfolk's politics: a case study in how not to build public support for major infrastructure. As a committed localist I think it should be a decision for our county council. The last county council decided it was a cost effective and acceptable way to get rid of our waste. West Norfolk residents didn't want it near them. DEFRA today have said they are investing in recycling to reduce the need for incineration and Puma Shoes White And Pink withdrawn the funding because they don't believe the incinerator is needed. As I understand it pulling out of the contract will cost Norfolk taxpayers millions because of a penalty clause. Labour and UKIP jumped on the bandwagon opposing it and now, in control of County Hall, have to show they can take tough decisions in the interests of Norfolk taxpayers and residents, who will rightly expect their hard earned taxes not to be wasted. We need to see a thorough cost benefit analysis so a proper Puma Gold Toe Sneakers

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