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Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

In addition to blue and yellow box recycling, you can decrease the amount of refuse put out for collection by bringing household construction and renovation materials to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore at the corner of Second Line and North Street.

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

Recycled plastic is used in manufacturing a variety of products, including snowmobile suits and other winter clothing.

The Municipal Recycling Facility, owned by Green Circle Environmental, has a modern, efficient sorting system for blue box material.

The 1 PETE and 2 HDPE plastics

Paper products should go in the yellow box.

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

Remember that LCBO glass bottles can be returned to the Beer Store for a refund.

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

Use your yellow box to recycle newspapers, flyers, magazines, catalogues, boxboard, paper, cardboard boxes, and wrapping paper.

Pop and water bottles are the most common examples of 1 plastics, while shampoo and detergent bottles are the most common 2's.

The good news is that approximately Puma Shoes Black And Green

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your TV for three hours.

The average Sault Ste. Marie household generates about one tonne of refuse annually. That's a lot of trash!

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

In order to encourage recycling and extend the life of the municipal landfill site, the City of Sault Ste. Marie regulates the size and number of bags/containers of garbage.

Much of your trash may be recyclable items

Not only will using your blue and yellow boxes benefit the environment, it will also help your household keep within the two bag/container garbage limit.

Check the recycling code found on most plastics.

Damaged boxes can be exchanged at Green Circle Environmental at 86A Sackville Rd.

Plastic shopping bags can be returned to participating grocery stores for recycling.

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

one third of this is recycled. But we can do better experts say that up to 60 per cent of household waste can be Puma Ferrari Shoes Blue

Cardboard boxes should be broken down and bundled in 2 foot x 2 foot x1 foot bundles and placed Puma Quick Trim

If that isn't enough to convince you, think about this an aluminum can that is not recycled will still be a can 500 years from now.

All other recyclables may be placed in the blue box without separating them

That's because it takes 95 per cent less energy to produce new aluminum from discarded aluminum pop cans than from raw materials.


Did you know it takes a 10 metre high tree to make a stack of newspapers one metre high?

beside the yellow box.

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

The energy saved when one glass bottle is recycled is enough to light a 100 watt light bulb for four hours.

For the safety of operators, please do not place recycling on top of snow banks.

Place your blue box on top of the yellow box to keep paper from blowing away and put in your driveway for pick up by 7:30 a. m. on your regular garbage day.

should go into your blue box.

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

Remove labels and rinse steel and aluminum cans. Puma Shoes Orange And Blue Place lids inside cans and pinch in the rim of the can to reduce injuries to recycling workers.

Remove lids and caps.

The Community Recycling Depot at 285 Wilson St. accepts computers, small electronics (cell phones, calculators, MP3s, VCRs, etc.) inkjet and toner cartridges, cell phones, and clean/dry Styrofoam for a nominal fee ($2 to $5).

Don't forget items such as toilet paper and paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, paper coffee trays, and paper egg cartons (not plastic or polystyrene).

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

Puma Shoes Orange And Blue

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