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Puma Maroon Shoes

Puma Maroon Shoes

Puma Maroon Shoes

"We are excited about the new year," Saxton said. "We are looking forward to Puma Price Shoes

great things this year. If parents have any questions they can contact their child's school or the District office."

Puma Maroon Shoes

Puma Maroon Shoes

Parents can help their children be ready for the first day of school.

of students getting on and off busses and of our students walking to school," Saxton said. "Drivers need to remember they are not to pass a school bus that has its lights flashing. They also need to look out for children who may be running to catch a bus. Children may not be as careful the first few days of school until they settle into a pattern."

"We had a lot of excited young people at our Meet the Teacher nights last week," said Dr. Judi Saxton, MPISD public information officer. "It's obvious that our students are looking forward to returning to the classroom and our teachers are ready for them be here. Puma Maroon Shoes A classroom, no matter how much stuff is in it, is empty until there are students there ready to learn. We're ready for Monday to be here."

Puma Maroon Shoes

Mount Pleasant streets that were virtually empty last week will be crowded with traffic, on foot, in cars and in busses. School zone rules will be enforced, both those regarding speeds and those prohibiting cell phone use in the zone.

"Drivers need to be especially aware Puma Shoes Canvas

Campus telephone numbers: Child Development Center at 903 575 2092, Annie Sims at 903 575 2062; E. C. Brice at 903 Puma Shoes For Women

Puma Maroon Shoes

"Children need to get plenty of sleep before the first day of school," she said. "That may be a change from summer behavior. They should also eat a good breakfast and make an effort to be at school on time."

Puma Maroon Shoes

Mount Pleasant ISD starts school Monday

Puma Maroon Shoes

575 2057; Frances Corprew at 903 575 2050, Vivian Fowler at 903 575 2070, Wallace Middle School at 90 575 2040, Mt, Pleasant Junior High at 903 575 2110, and Mount Pleasant High School at 903 575 2020. The district can be reached at 903 575 2000.

Puma Maroon Shoes

Puma Maroon Shoes

Puma Maroon Shoes

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