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Antone tells us the city brought in a court consultant to do a three month study on Puma Forever Fierce

Puma Yellow Shoes

they said bringing a municipal court would save them money.

City leaders say another incentive to Puma Sneakers Women 2017

Puma Yellow Shoes

Puma Yellow Shoes

whether bringing in a Puma Yellow Shoes city court would be feasible. That's when he and other city officials surveyed court systems across the state. And with the number of cases Georgiana filed in 2012, Puma Sneakers With Bow

"It was a no brainer because we did do our homework. it wasn't something we just jumped up and said we were just going to do," Said Georgiana mayor, Jerome Antone.

Puma Yellow Shoes

Puma Yellow Shoes

Just last year, Georgiana filed 4,421 criminal and traffic cases.

The study says the city would get nearly $50 more from an average speeding ticket fine and when you add up the number of court cases, that's thousands of dollars in court and bond fees that could have stayed in Georgiana.

Puma Yellow Shoes

bringing a municipal court is the increase in court costs and bond filing fees legislators approved of last year. They tell us they've appointed Wayne Bush as Judge, Tom Albritton as prosecuter, and Beverly Rogers as magistrate. They'll be sworn in during next month's council meeting.

Puma Yellow Shoes

Puma Yellow Shoes

Municipal Court Coming To Georgiana

Puma Yellow Shoes

"From the financial perspective, in the past we were receiving about $90,000 from the court system and we feel as though we can receive an additional $122,000 [according to the study]," Said Antone.

Puma Yellow Shoes

"A typical speeding ticket is I believe $209 dollars and the city gets approximately $20 dollars out of the speeding ticket. That's it. Everything else goes to different agencies," Said Georgiana Chief, James Blackmon.

Puma Yellow Shoes

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