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Tickets and entry fees can be purchased at the school with Student Council sponsor Mrs. Merriman. Puma Disc Shoes

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"We were very close, kind of like brothers," Grant said. "If he needed help with something, I was there for him, and he was the same for me."

Grant said he believes the tournament will raise enough money to earn it a spot on the school's annual calendar.

"Octavio was fearless," Grant said. "He could accomplish whatever he wanted to do, and he wasn't afraid of doing anything to get it done."

"My whole family is more into God," Ugalde said. "We used to go to church every two weeks, and now it's every weekend. It also made our whole family get closer."

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Mixed feelings filled Perez. on Saturday Oct. 27, 2012, and will benefit the Ugalde Family, who were involved in a wreck last month in which Octavio was killed.

The realization of Octavio's departure seemed impossible. "It was pretty hard," Grant said. "Knowing that basically your brother is gone and you can't do anything about it."

Grant's desire to provide assistance to the community is fueled by memories of his departed friend and the close friendship they shared.

"I met Octavio on the soccer field," Grant said. "We played together at school."

"I didn't believe it at all," Grant said. "This couldn't happen to someone that good."

The Ugalde Family, along with Octavio's close friends, have taken a great loss and turned it into an even greater lesson.

"The students are so eager to help the family defray some of their medical and funeral expenses," Merriman said. "We wanted to come together and honor the memory of Octavio. He was such a good kid and very much loved by all of us."

and enjoy your friends and family, because you don't know who's going to be here tomorrow, and who's not."

Octavio's death has shaped new changes in Ugalde's life.

Sophomore Jaylin Grant is happy that his ingenious idea to raise money for his best friend's family was met with open arms by his classmates.

The various MPHS student organizations have banded together in an effort to fundraise and help Ugalde's family with burial and medical expenses. The entry fee is $25 for a six person team. Tickets are $3 before hand and $5 at the door.

"The money could go to Titus County Cares, scholarships, or just people in need," Grant said.

"The dodge ball tournament is going to accomplish a lot," Grant said. "It's a way for people to have fun, and it's also a good way to raise money."

Years of watching over each other's back led Grant to admire his close friend's courage.

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MPHS student groups unite for Ugalde fundraiser

"You realize that life can change in a second," Ugalde said. "You see all these crashes on TV of people dying, and you never think it will happen to you, but it does."

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Stretching back to the fifth grade, Grant's relationship with Octavio strengthened as the years went by.

Ugalde, Octavio's cousin, shares Grant's reaction at the traumatic experience.

All proceeds will go toward the Ugalde Family.

The young man's death left a void throughout the MPHS campus. "When Octavio passed away, the school was affected, as well as the teachers and the students," Perez said. "It only makes sense that we want to help him."

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"I didn't believe it," Ugalde said. "I couldn't believe it."

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Even though the initial shock of the accident has taken its toll on those who loved Octavio, Ugalde now appreciates the days he's been allowed to live.

The shield of bravery that Octavio stood behind couldn't protect Grant from the blow of the tragic news that came on September 15, 2012.

"We have to value the time we've got, because it's borrowed," Ugalde said. "You have Puma Latest Shoes to live Puma Tan Shoes

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