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roof and I just don't think Puma Ladies Sneakers

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"If you put consequences in that relate directly to behaviour, not vehicle type, you're going to see behaviour change," Fuller said.

In its January report, the Motorcycle Review Committee put forth 19 suggestions to improve motorcycle safety, the insurance rate structure and injury benefits.

On Saturday, Riders Against Government Exploitation (RAGE) held an information session one of two held so far in the province to discuss the recommendations. Spokesman Don Fuller said the group is pleased to see recommendations for more training but SGI shouldn't recommend setting rates based on engine size and body style.

relationship whatsoever. It has nothing to do with behavior," Fuller said.

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Instead, RAGE suggests penalizing bad bikers Puma American Flag and they supports SGI's suggestion to offer incentives to get proper training. The group is also pushing for better training, longer learners periods and safe driving record discount programs.

Insurance rates based on body type won't solve SGI's financial or safety issues a Saskatchewan motorcyclist group says as they weigh in on the government insurer's new suggested bike laws.

Fullers sentiments were echoed by those who attended the meeting. Motorcyclist Ken Dyck said in all his years of riding he's never had an accident.

that's fair," he said.

"You might as well (set rates) on the length of your pants or colour of your shirt. There's no Puma Blue Sneakers

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Puma American Flag

"Any vehicle is not a threat, does not offer any potential damage to society, it's what happens when somebody gets behind the wheel or on top of the motorcycle. It's the behaviour of the operator."

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Motorcycle group reacts to SGI rule suggestions

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"I ride a larger touring bike and I don't understand why I should have to pay such high rates. It's almost like everyone's under one Puma Shoes For Men Pic

The report, which included public input from both motorcyclists and non bikers, follows the severe backlash SGI received this time last year for its proposal to remove the cap on motorcycle insurance rate increases. The removal meant some motorcyclists could have seen their rates jump between 70 and 200 per cent.

Puma American Flag

Puma American Flag

Puma American Flag

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