O que é bom tá guardado! :D

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open source for all to use, again apple has the front to lock it down.

I really hope motorola have the balls to grab apple by the throat go for the kill

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Apple threw the first stone and should of seen the back lash Puma Disc White that was going to happen.

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When Apple records was going they had an agreement that apple could use the name provided they never had anything to do with music.

They are also the first to cry foul when some one infringes on thier patents.

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Apple should really be careful as the iphone is built on a house of cards, for instance ios is based on linux which is open source they have the front to lock it down.

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Its about time apple got roasted, as they have a reputaton of using things violating patents.

Apple never made the Puma Red And Black Sneakers

Motorola wins injunction against Apple in Germany

Non of these comments on here have once slated the customers they have just stated that Apple had it coming, As a Android user im glad that they have been bitten by thier own tactic. Like another post just now its about Apple trying to take the choice away from the consumer. Although I like android phones better than iphones I have huge respect for Puma Orange Golf Shoes

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the man. He may not have allowed too much customization on his phones but its not because he hates freedom to choose, he likes to keep things simple. That is why my son has an easier time using an ipad. Since i am more technically inclined, I use android. If you don't like what he sells, buy the competition. No reason to hate him. In fact he is serving a bigger portion of the market who wants their gadgets simple and to just work. I for one credit him for many of the features in Android phones.

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Bluetooth was developed by ericson left as Puma Shoes Blue

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Puma Disc White

first touch screen phone either they have the front to act as if they did.

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