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Munson and some of his friends began collecting signatures earlier in the week after he pulled papers from the City Clerk's Office last Friday. He was spotted Wednesday night collecting signatures at a Sioux Falls Skyforce basketball game. Word soon spread in the city's political world that it appeared Munson was back in.

"I think it's unfortunate that Mr. Munson decided to run at this point in time," Meader said. "His original decision to not run encouraged others to throw their hats in the ring with false expectations. I don't think it's fair to them. Cynics could easily conclude that this is part of a plan to fracture his opposition and guarantee his re election."

the fund raiser and the city's ordinance.

Howes also said he doesn't think the city should review its campaign finance laws until after the election.

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"When I walked out of there, I had the whole sheet filled," he said.

Munson also said that if he re enters the race, he thinks voters won't want to be "beat" with issues about the fund raiser.

Munson said he thinks he needs about 300 signatures to be safe. Any candidates' signatures can be reviewed and challenged if the signers aren't registered to vote in Sioux Falls.

When a woman asked him if he had a petition to sign, he produced one, he said. A number of other people also asked to sign, and he ended up with 16 signatures.

Sioux Falls political analyst Jim Meader said he was disappointed with Munson's decision.

At least one candidate, retired Army Puma Shoes Light Up Lt. Col. Rick Albrecht, said Thursday that he would drop out of the race if Munson re enters it.

Munson's possible return could have big consequences in the mayor's race. After his decision to withdraw, seven other people stepped forward to run. Some said they ran because Munson got out of the race.

On Feb. 2, Munson bowed out of the race, saying he wouldn't seek a second term after questions arose about a 2002 fund raiser that he didn't report until its existence was revealed by the Argus Leader.

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Munson said he didn't go to the game to collect signatures, but to watch the action.

Sioux Falls Mayor Dave Munson said Thursday that he would re enter the mayor's race, provided that he collects enough signatures to Puma Sneakers Burgundy

"I hope we talk about the issues," he said. "That's what people want to hear."

qualify for the ballot. The election is April 11.

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"Before he actually files, I'm not going to say anything," Kavanaugh said.

Munson will run if signatures collected

But after that decision, Munson received many calls and letters from people urging him to run again. He retained the services of two private lawyers and asked them to review Puma Shoes Online Discount

"Mayor Munson is entitled to run for a second term," Howes said. "Every incumbent has the right to run on their record and every voter will have an opportunity to consider his full record as mayor these past four years."

The fund raiser sparked a debate among City Council members about whether Munson broke the city's campaign finance ordinances by failing to report the event. Munson dropped out after council Chairman Andy Howes asked for a legal opinion on the matter. At the time, Munson said he didn't want to drag those questions into the election because it would be bad for the city.

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"It was a doggone good game, I'll tell you that," he said.

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council who thought Munson violated the law, said he would wait until Munson files before commenting on the decision.

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Howes said the candidates should share their visions and ideas with voters in the remaining weeks before the election.

Councilor Kevin Kavanaugh, who was among those on the Puma Diamond Supply Black

Munson said Thursday that he didn't have the results of that review yet. But throughout the controversy, he maintained that he never violated the law.

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