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Puma Quick Trim

The Santa hat record is for the Lions Club Christmas Food Appeal, and as before, the hats will be on sale around Mullingar in the Puma For Kids

Puma Quick Trim

Puma Quick Trim

John Lynch tree felling attempt is in support of the North Westmeath Hospice, with the money being raised by a company individual sponsorship of a tree, or by sponsoring the attempt itself.

Mullingar is to face one of the biggest challenges in its near millennium and a half of history in a fortnight time when it takes on the might of Spiderman and New York city in an attempt to break four world records in one day.

be a live, transatlantic world record. By that time I hope to be up in the pub having set four world records, said Mr Mulligan.

Mullingar to take on Spiderman and New York for new world record

Puma Quick Trim

All of the record attempts will take place as part of a promotion to kickstart the Christmas shopping season and will include live music and street entertainment Puma Disc Blaze Cell White

all afternoon.

aim is that nobody feels hungry, homeless, or hopeless in Mullingar over Puma Quick Trim Christmas, said Marty.

Puma Quick Trim

The final record attempt will be a easonal example of entente atlantique between the people of Mullingar and Brockton, Massachusetts who, in recent years, have exchanged the title of most Santa hats in one place, but this year hope to claim the record for the greatest number of Santa hats worn simultaneously on two continents.

hold the record, and we asking the young people of Mullingar to take on Spiderman. If we take on the might of Marvel comics we have the record. We taking on Spiderman, chuckled Marty.

The November 18, four record attempt is supported by Mullingar Chamber of Commerce, the Lions Club, the Town Council, and Westmeath County Council.

Puma Quick Trim

As well as attempting this task, Mullingar will attempt a record felling of another type when John Lynch of Mick Lynch and Sons tree surgeons will attempt to cut down the most Christmas trees in less than two minutes from a specially assembled frame outside the Arts Centre.

Puma Quick Trim

As the home of the world first department store Santa, Brockton first set the Santa hat record in 2008, and reclaimed it from Mullingar in 2010.

run up to the big day, and from the Lions Club on the day, for each.

However, this year the two towns have agreed to pool their resources simultaneously at 6pm in Mullingar and 1pm in Brockton to set a brand new record.

place between 3pm and 6pm on a specially closed off lower Mount Street.

Puma Quick Trim

Puma Quick Trim

The first two record attempts will raise funds for the youth caf with Spiderman defeating signatures for the card costing a go.

On Sunday November 18, the people of Mullingar are hoping to present the world largest Chrismas card, with the greatest number of signatures, and it is in the latter of these efforts that the town will tangle with Peter Parker.

card will be close on the height of the Arts Centre building where they making it, around 36 feet [11 metres], and will comprise scenes from around the town, said committee spokesperson, Marty Morrissey.

Puma Quick Trim

However, the greatest number of signatures on a card currently stands at 2,707, and was set only two weeks ago in New York city by Marvel comics and Mayor Bloomberg in New York to promote the latest Spiderman comic.

Puma Quick Trim

record stands at 27, set by a Canadian woman in 1998. We going to do 30, said Marty, who explained all four attempts will take Puma Sneakers Grey

Puma Quick Trim

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